we’re all (super) heroes

"Hello, This one's a little off the cuff, because I find those are the posts I love most and my friend Becca (gorgeous blog, I thoroughly recommend getting lost in it) always writes amazing posts when she's inspired and something really drives her to write so I'm going with that. Hear me out - I'm … Continue reading we’re all (super) heroes


know how good you are – working @ Reading Festival 2017

Hello! Getting the chance to work at Reading Festival  as a Camera Operator was something I was never going to turn down - if I had to apply in any other way I wouldn't have got it because I haven't done any camera opping before, but my housemate was recruiting and he took a chance … Continue reading know how good you are – working @ Reading Festival 2017

May favourites

Hello! Another favourites post! I've done this one a little differently and separated it into different categories, but I've been loving a lot of things this month so let's crack right on! beauty https://www.instagram.com/p/BUZsOiKBJCN/?taken-by=sophiecountsclouds Highlighters are my new guilty pleasure and for the first time in my life I don't mean the florescent stationery kind. … Continue reading May favourites