I’m Sophie – an English blogger writing about life as a twenty-something planning a wedding, living with mental illness and somewhat obsessed with organisation, goal setting, reading, crafts and creative media.

I love travelling and want to see the world, I spent my childhood in a dance studio (I kinda want to go back), I like pretending I’m a photographer and I blog about whatever I feel like – I’ve done my time pretending to be an influencer and it’s exhausting; I have a blog because I like writing, I like documenting my own history and I love telling stories, apparently even my own.

I started this blog when I was in my last year of school doing my A Levels – aged 18, about to go to uni, stressed about exams and boys and getting likes on the internet. An undergraduate degree, a post-graduate certificate and finishing a masters degree in a pandemic later and now I’m engaged, living in a rental property I pay for without a student loan and I’m currently working as a marketing, communications and events assistant with an enterprise department at a lesser known uni in Oxford (yeah, not that one) and although my mental health is questionable and I definitely don’t work out or do my skincare as regularly but I’m pretty happy.

So I write about books, my goal setting, life updates and silly craft projects – they make me happy, if you enjoy them too that’s great!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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