What’s in my make-up bag



I’ve wanted to write those post for a while and today is the day! I thought I, as a complete make up novice, would take you through the contents and products of my make-up bag. Let’s get going!

IMG_8777When I’m applying make-up, I start with foundation – I use the Rimmel London Match Perfection because I find it’s quite thin but buildable. It’s really nice to apply and it smells really good too, which is always a bonus when you’re half asleep and trying to paint your face a little bit. The only reason I wear foundation is to cover some of the redness in my cheeks and I find it fulfils that purpose and could function for heavier coverage too.


To match my foundation, my concealer comes from Rimmel London too – I use this concealer on the bags under my eyes because I look like I have been punched in the face, all time time. I find with this concealer you generally don’t need as much as you think you do – I always end up using excess on other areas of my face, but again, it’s a very good product.

IMG_8782But sometimes I need another concealer, for the really bad eye-bag days. This one is a little bit heavier and I find that it’s good for covering blemishes as well as under eye bags and it’s just good for the days when you need a little bit more support. Like a good push up bra y’know.

Can you tell that my approach to make-up really isn’t very professional?

IMG_8787One thing I very recently acquired and I’m just starting to get the hang of is contouring – I picked up this ‘contour kit’ (if you could call it that) from Maybelline and so far I’m impressed with it. As someone who knows very little about make-up and contouring, I feel like it’s a good way to learn to start using it and to start learning more about the structure of the face, from a more technical approach to make-up I guess.

IMG_8789In terms of face make-up, the last product I use is a powder that I’ve used so much that the name and brand has rubbed completely off the lid. It’s nothing particularly special as far as I’m aware – I know my sister has a transparent powder whilst mine is a very light coloured powder but it makes my face less shiny and sets my skin make-up without using a setting spray as such.

See, I know things like ‘setting spray’ exist but do I use them? Of course not!

IMG_8791Next step is my brows – I fill them in as accurately as I can by using a combination of the light brown and the blonde shades I just fill them in. I don’t pluck, shape or dye my brows because I’m not capable of getting it right or affording to go to a salon to get them done professionally. But I like filling them in because I’ve got very light brows and they need some colour in them just to be able to see them.

That’s literally all I do on my brows. Am I a disappointment now?

IMG_8796My next step is applying my lip colour – these Super Stay 24 Colour stains from Maybelline are my go to. Caramel Creme is my favourite nude colour but they’re such a solid, lasting colour. I usually apply the colour before doing my eye make-up and then apply the setting balm to make it shiny and keep the colour set for the rest of the day. These colours really don’t come off at all and I can’t wait for more colours to be released in this line.

IMG_8797My eye make-up is what I take most pride in but then, in terms of people who are actually good at make-up, I’m still not very good. First, I apply a base coat of a pretty neutral colour (usually the one third from the left on the top row), then putting the lightest shimmer shade on the inner corner of my eye and a darker colour to try and give my eye some definition and try to be better than what I actually am. This is a Revolution pallet and whilst it’s a little pigmented, I adore it.

IMG_8803My favourite eyeliner is this liquid liner from Revlon – it gives a really solid black colour and I find the shape of the pen makes for a really good wing too. I’ve got a few other eyeliners in my make-up bag and I often switch between a few – if I’m lining my lower lash line I’ll use a pencil I’ve got and a gel liner for when I’m feeling adventurous. Eyeliner is always my favourite but there are often days that I don’t bother with it because I know I can’t do it well – those are the tired days!

IMG_8809After eyeliner, I often use two mascaras – one to prep my lashes and one to really sculpt them. The first is the Wonder’Full mascara from Rimmel and to shape I use the 24 hour Super Curler, also from Rimmel. I couldn’t praise this mascara any higher – as someone who doesn’t have particularly long lashes, this eyeliner makes it look like I’m wearing false lashes all the time. It makes me feel powerful, like I could actually kill a man. Like, metaphorically, but cool.


Now to go through what I have in my make-up bag and don’t use everyday and why I don’t use it every day!

IMG_8813So many spare lip products! More super stay colours – the top one is Caramel Kiss, the one that is too close to nude and you can’t actually tell I’m wearing it. The bottom colour is a bright red I’ve forgotten the name of, but I save it for a night out and I really, really love it. It’s a bit more difficult to apply because it’s a darker colour but I still love it.

IMG_8814Next is Tanya Burr’s lip gloss thing – I don’t really like this one but I don’t have anywhere else to put it really. The colour is a little bit too bright and it really doesn’t stay on the lips very well, as well as feeling sticky and uncomfortable. I’m not even subscribed to Tanya Burr as a YouTuber so I’m not even sure why I bought it to be honest.

IMG_8815This one is quite a recent investment – it’s called the Vivid Matt Liquid from Maybelline but I found that the colour isn’t as strong as it is in the bottle. I’m yet to try and test it properly but I wore it to work and it wasn’t as dark as I wanted it to be. But I am going to try and layer it a bit more as I think it could be buildable.

IMG_8822This is my favourite lip colour outside of the super stay ones – the only proper lip stick I own and it’s a proper dark red. It needs topping up fairly regularly to maintain it’s colour but it goes on really nicely and it’s super comfortable to wear. I always hope to find this colour in the super stay design so I can wear it more often.

IMG_8826These used to be my favourite lip pencil applicant things before I got the super stay ones – these pencils aren’t particularly strong in colour but they last really well, they’re super easy to apply and reapply and writing this post has reminded me of how much I loved these – definitely going to be making these more of a regular!


These are all the swatches from all the lip products I mentioned, in the order I mentioned them. (The Tanya Burr one has completely warn off in the 2/3 hours between taking the photos and writing the post)

Now to go through all the eyeliners I have and don’t use regularly!

IMG_8830This eyeliner is a felt tip, I love the shape of the pen and it’s really accurate in terms of doing both lash liner and wings, but the colour fades fast and it looks like a pen running out of ink. I often use the liquid liner to top up the colour once I’ve drawn the shape with this pen. It’s a nice little, fairly cheap, high street brand.

IMG_8833This is the pencil I use to line my lower lash line – I don’t often do it because I generally just find it accentuating the bags under my eyes a few hours later but I love that it’s not something that you have to sharpen, you just wind it up and buy a new one when it runs out. I’ve actually been using these pens for years – I really do love them!

IMG_8836This last liner was my go to before my current favourite. It’s a gel, angled liner that, again, is good for drawing wings. I go through phases with eyeliner and I’m sure I’ll find a place for it again soon, but for now you can see how well loved it was from the eyeshadow distributed all over the rubber tip!

IMG_8837The last product in my make-up bag is an old mascara – it’s a sports, waterproof one again from Rimmel and like the Wonder’full one with Argan oil, it’s good for prepping the lashes for a stronger mascara. I should probably throw it away, because I’ve had it for a while but it’s always been a good mascara that I do go back to.

And that’s everything in my bag!

This post isn’t for people who know what they’re doing with make-up, as I’ve mentioned a few times, but it’s intended for those like me who don’t really know anything and I hope, in some way, I could help!

I do like make-up and what I tend to do is pick one new product at a time and learn it – my next step is contouring hence the new Maybelline product! I’m still working on it.

If anyone has any recommendations then please do leave them in the comments! Or if anyone wants to give me free stuff, drop me an email that would be fab – I’d love to be spon, I’ll use hashtag ad in the title and everything – maybe I’m a sellout now.

Thank you for reading!

Sophie xx


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