How blogging has changed my life



Short disclaimer, I’m not saying ‘everyone should have a blog’ or trying to be preachy, I just want to share my little personal successes.

Blogging for me started on tumblr – I’ve had a blog for like six years now but I started my 5SOS blog in March 2014 and it really got me going. It’s not like traditional blogging as I just wrote fanfiction but it gave me a sense of writing regularly and uploading content for an audience and exposed me to an incredible community that I’m lucky to still have with me.

But when I started SophieCountsClouds, it gave me the chance to do so many things! I think having my blog has given me the opportunity to go to NASS festival as a writer next weekend, I think it helped me get jobs (I was offered jobs at both CEX and Paperchase… I had to turn down CEX in the end unfortunately!), I think it made me stand out in my Channel 4 work experience application and it probably helped me be picked as a UCAS blogger. It’s really opened so many doors for me and I hope it will continue to in the future.

In the future I really want to network with blogger and go to blogging events and things like that – I’m really happy with my blogging right now and in an ideal world I would love to make it my career but I’m not relying on that too strongly.

My blog isn’t commercially successful – I don’t get thousands of views or even hundreds of views, but I wouldn’t have written over 400 posts if that was what I was doing it for. My priorities aren’t with commercial success!

I love writing, I always have and I always will and I really, really hope I keep up my blog!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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One thought on “How blogging has changed my life

  1. This was a lovely blog post, and I’m happy that blogging has opened a lot of doors for you. I’m new to blogging – I’ve only been doing it for a month – but I really enjoy it. I used to write original stories and fanfiction on Wattpad, but I didn’t get as many readers as I hoped for, so I decided to leave that website behind. Right now, I am really enjoying my time on WordPress and hoping to get more followers.


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