Fable Fights (KickThePJ Card Game) | June


fable fights - favourites


I’ve not really talked massively about MCM ComicCon and VidFest since I got back from it (how has it been two weeks already?!) but I plan to in future blog posts! However, in the VidFest section, the Summer in the City stand were selling KickThePJ’s new card game Fable Fights and I picked it up, so I thought I’d review/talk about it now!

(also the cards are all so beautifully coloured that I really wanted to talk about them!)

The game itself, whilst being incredibly individual and creative, is essentially a KickThePJ version of Top Trumps but with absolutely gorgeous, brightly coloured artwork.

What I particularly like about the game, having been a fan of PJ’s for four or five years now, seeing all of these characters that I’ve seen in videos for so long being brought ‘to life’ (in a way a video doesn’t in the physical sense, as a viewer? Trying not to offend PJ’s videos here) in a card I can hold and touch and play with in card game form!

‘Colour Bandits’ is my favourite KickThePJ video of all time (I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t already!) – it’s use of colour and story are something I would love to emulate in my own videos if I ever find the time and/or money to branch out into more of this style of video.

fable fights - colour banditAnd, predictably, my favourite card in Fable Fights is also the Colour Bandit – I love colour and the way this character is crafted from colour itself is something I really like.

I thought a way of making this post a bit more interactive and to show off the game for what it is would be to film myself and my wonderful boyfriend Lucas (who paused his Pokemon game to make this video with me!) playing it for the first time.

This isn’t the highest quality video I’ve ever made but I tried to cut out all of the bits where we were staring at cards picking categories, but if you wanted to check out my main channel, I recently uploaded my April monthly vlog and I’m working on May at the moment!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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