Meeting YouTubers at MCM | June



At MCM, there was a section called VidFest that I’ve definitely talked about a lot since going to the convention.

VidFest is essentially my home, it’s where I was meant to spend the whole weekend. Other than shopping all the Doctor Who merch.

I got a new hoodie and it’s very pretty.

Either way! There were lots of YouTubers that I’m a massive fan of that were at MCM and I got to meet them and it was very exciting – when I went to Summer in the City last year, I had the opportunity to meet many of the same YouTubers but I was very nervous and felt like I had nothing to say so didn’t say hello.

But the difference between SITC and MCM is that I had Lucas with me and he basically made me go say hi. It was very scary but worth every second.


After having a chat with Andrew Lee Potts, who both Lucas and I were massive fans of in Primeval (promoting his new web series Wireless that actually looks quite good), we went to meet TomSka.

On the day Lucas was dressed as TomSka character ‘Mrs Johnson’ (see ‘Horse‘ for reference). It was wonderful, we had a lovely chat with him and we got him to sign the copy of ‘Art Is Dead’ I bought.

He then called me a beautiful lady and it looks like he’s sniffing my hair in the photo. They’re some great photos though.

IMG_1459Tom is a truly incredible man and he was super kind and chatty. His queue was hours long for every day of the weekend but he had time for everyone and it was truly admiral to see someone remain completely unchanged by the success he’s seen.


It was also very fun that Lucas, as Mrs Johnson, was asked for photos and I was holding hands with a very tall boy in a dress and a horse mask.

It was a weird first day of MCM, I’ll be honest but I met TomSka and that was the best start to the day. Like, the best ever.


Jack and Dean were also super, super nice. They had no idea who I was dressed as because they don’t do Doctor Who but we stood for a proper little chat and Dean went straight in for hugging Lucas and the height different was fabulous.


This happened. Dean found his real dad. Also he retweeted my tweet about it and it got like a hundred likes and it was a fun time.

I’ve met Jack before, I think it was three years ago almost to the day that I went to a Muse concert and he was there with TimH and he was super nice and chatty then even though gross 16 year old Sophie was really not the kind of face you want coming up to you saying ‘hey you tweeted me this morning’.

I have many regrets.

I’ve also been on their Radio 1 show but I got very nervous and was basically rubbish then too.

One day, my blog or my YouTube or something will take off and I’ll get to work with these people are creators (fingers crossed) and none of them will remember the weird chubby girl they met at cons and concerts.



Dodie Clark, doddleoddle, is one of my favourites – she makes a variety of content from vlogs to a lot of music (she has the most beautiful, heartfelt voice and I thoroughly recommend her cover of ‘Somebody Else‘ and her original song ‘Adored By Him‘ which I wrote a blog post about here and Dodie read it and it made me really happy). Her queue was also super duper long but she was willing to be in my vlog (look out for May, it was so, so fun she was so silly and adorable) and I went back the next day to get photos because I’m a silly child and got too over excited and forgot.

Also silly photos are fun.


Meeting Evan Edinger was actually quite funny – I’d gone up to Dodie for ask for pictures and her queue was non-existent because there was some early bird thing on the Sunday and no one had come in yet so he came over to Dodie and they stood chatting and I was just there like… I was about to go say hello to Evan and now he’s here and I didn’t know what to do.


I ended up looking like a creepy shit following him back over to the Summer In The City stand to ask for a photo and try to have a chat. I told him I liked his travel videos and talked about when I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (maybe I should write another blog post about that? It was such a good trip and it was like a working trip too it was so great). He and Lucas also got a bit competitive about Smash Bros because Evan had been playing with a few people over the weekend and if it had worked out for us, Lucas really wanted to play him too but he wasn’t playing while we were there or while we weren’t in panels so unfortunately I didn’t get to vlog Lucas and Evan playing Smash Bros. Here’s a picture anyways.

Someone said he looks like my brother. I mean, I’m going with no but someone said it.

Now, Sammy Paul was the first person I spoke to, actually but I wanted to save him for last because he was, without a shadow of a doubt the nicest and most chatty person I spoke to all weekend. Obviously I don’t mean that in a detrimental way to anyone else but Sammy is such a creative person and he’s so hardworking and good at what he does that if I was clever enough or good enough to remember to talk to him about writing I really should have because I’m in the middle of planning to rewrite my book again (the book I started three and a half years ago that I’m aiming to make one hundred thousand words long… yeah).



Another one where I forgot to get a picture and had to go back… I was just so into chatting and Sammy seemed as eager to chat to me as I was to chat to him.

The funny thing, I guess, was that I spoke to Sammy on the Friday and then went back on the Saturday to grab one of his posters for my poster collection in the flat next year and I tweeted on the Sunday that I was disappointed I didn’t go say hi again on the Sunday but I felt like I didn’t really have anything to say and I didn’t want to kind of do it for the sake of it.

Sammy then DMed me and said I should have said hi! I responded saying I didn’t want to pester him or seem like a weird fangirl and he said I was super chill to chat to and that’s so reassuring that I don’t sound like some creep.

It’s worth mentioning, he’s the one that started the whole monthly vlog thing – PMS, Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook – was Sammy’s creation. Obviously I mentioned that to him and he was in my vlog too! Which is why I want to edit May really soon, might put it on tomorrow’s to do list!

Probably won’t, because it’s only June 9th and that would be far too productive. But I could!

Everyone at MCM was so nice and I’m really excited to go to Summer in the City later this year, hopefully I’ll be brave enough to say hi again and maybe I’ll have some creative projects to talk about!

(Also have some more photos from MCM)


Elsa Deadpool was my fave.


Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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