Week 1: Feeling Inspired! | June



That’s the first week! This is the 7th day of consecutive blogging in June (eight if you include the preemptive post I did at the end of May!) and I’m actually really proud! Blogging is something I really love and even though blogging every day for a year was tough, like really, really difficult, I’m almost tempted to go back to something like that with blogging every day because it kept my creativity up!

But a project like this was exactly what I needed – I planned 8 blog posts in one go on May 31st in preparation for this month and I’ve been adding to it ever since (I feel like the 20th or so might be when the inspiration runs out a little!) and I’m hoping the inspiration will bleed over to YouTube and I’ll start making a video every week again!

The idea for this ‘blog every day in June’ came mostly from Dodie Clark, doddleoddle on YouTube and the projects she does on her other channel doddlevloggle – vedim (vlog every day in March/May), veda (April/August) or whatever, it’s a malleable title but Dodie’s talked before about how she does these bursts of ‘vlogging every day in…’ to kind of inspire her and kickstart her back into the YouTube habit (to my understanding at least) and I have to say that’s how it’s worked for me.

If you blog every day for a year it’s going to take a lot out of you and my 2015 project did that, anything I did this year was never going to measure up to that but hopefully I’ll be able to look back at my last post of 2015 and compare it to my last post of 2016 and I will be a better writer. At this stage that’s about all I can hope for! I set too higher standards for myself – I have very high expectations and it’s disappointing for myself if I don’t meet them.

I really do miss blogging, it’s not like I’ve grown to dislike it or anything it’s just that I fell out of the habit and that’s often the worst thing.

But writing is my favourite thing – I got first on my last writing assessment of the year at uni (I was so proud you have no idea, I got it in my head that I was going to fail everything so when I got a 2:1 in video as well I was overwhelmed!).

I’m a very routine based girl – I’ve written about it before and my mild (‘mild’) obsession with coloured pens definitely demonstrates it – and I just need to put ‘laptop time’ back into my evening routine but I’ve been so tired than generally all I do is watch Netflix or YouTube or play Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 because it’s much more difficult than Years 1-4.

But I’ve got a new notebook in which I plan all my blog posts now so I think that’ll help! Maybe I’ll pick two or three days a week that are my blogging days – leave it in the comments if you have any ideas!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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