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Made it to day 2 of blogging every day in June – that’s an achievement considering how little I’ve blogged this year!

Today I want to talk about ‘The Happiness Planner’, a little bit like how I recommended ‘642 Things To Write About‘ but this book is a tad more on this expensive side so I’ll review it instead. Also, as it’s a July-June planner I haven’t actually started using it yet but I want to talk about the features I’m really excited about using!

Firstly, I found this book because Zoella talked about it in a favourites video (because I’m about 2 months behind in watching videos!) and I purchased it here! Even though it is a ridiculously expensive notebook (I’ve never paid that much for a notebook nor will I ever pay that much again I don’t think!) the features are exactly the kind of guidance I want in a planner rather than a blank diary.

Essentially, this post is to justify to my mother why I spent so much money. Sorry mum. I love you.

I was very excited about this planner arriving and when it arrived in this gorgeous box (in the feature photo) it made me even happier. Yes, it will be staying stored in this box.

hp - all

When opening the box, this is what I found. Some paperclips (that I stupidly called safety pins in my exhausted state), some sheets of paper (that I will explain later) and the journal itself.

It’s so beautifully packaged and a gorgeous mint-green/baby blue and I’m so in love. So, in, love.

hp - front

Look at this gorgeous photo of the book itself it’s so pretty.

I’m going to be saying that a lot in this post.

hp - journal

It is quite a chunky book so it’s more one to stay on your desk than to carry everywhere with you but it’s beautifully made and looks like it could stand being at the bottom of your bag if that’s where you were to keep it! I’m already planned how I’m going to use colour coordinated pens on each day.

hp - papers

Let’s deviate from the book for a minute to look at the sheets that come with it – these guided list sheets are designed to last the whole year that the planner spans and I’m planning to have a nice little session filling everything in on the first of July.

Alongside moving to a new flat across Southampton, obviously.

Whilst making lists is something that helps keep me organised, guided lists and prompts like this are what help me feel like I’ve got everything together from a more long term prospective. I’m not entirely sure what I”m going to put on all of these lists yet but again; many, many coloured pens.

hp - inside page

Now getting back to the planner itself – this page isn’t particularly relevant but I thought plugging my own twitter was funny. The link’s at the bottom of this post (lol).

hp - daily

This is what the day-to-day pages look like in this planner (also the pretty dividers with embossed text? Yes please) – the point of this journal is it will help you focus on what makes you happy; it makes you pick out the good things about your day, it makes you plan your day and for someone who is an organisation freak like me, it helps with my happiness so I’m so excited to start using this.

I’m going to have a different colour theme every day, there’s going to be a shades of blue day, a shades of green day, a shades of purple day, it’s going to be beautiful.

hp - reflection_plan

At the end of each month there is a reflection which, again, makes you focus on your happiness each month and if it wasn’t great, it encourages you to try and figure out how to improve it. And to go with that, there’s a plan at the beginning of each month too.

Can you tell that focus and organisation are two of my faves? I’m unfathomably excited about this planner.

hp - monthly

Each month also has a calendar, which is something I already have in my life as printed pieces of paper so it’ll be nice to 1) Be able to transfer all the information over to a new calendar and spend an afternoon with pretty pens and 2) Have all of my information in one place.

All in all, I’m just generally very excited to be using this journal. I’m trying to make myself generally more organised this summer in terms of creativity and having the day-to-day planner with individual to do lists just makes me feel like I can break down my broader to do lists (such as, rewrite my book) into smaller ones (like look at this character or finish chapter 14, for example).

Stationary generally does make me very excited, hence working at Paperchase being the job of a lifetime, but I cannot wait for July 1st to roll around so I can start the year of the Happiness Planner!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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