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favourites - flatlay


I think I’ve done one favourites video on my YouTube channel before but I’ve never done a favourite blog post before! When I was planning out some blog posts before the month started and I thought I could turn this video plan into a blog post, because I’ve got somewhere between five and seven videos plans… I just need to make them…

So here are 11 things I’m really loving right now! It’s not all make up, I just put all the make up first.

favourites - 1

Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Colour – Caramel Kiss

Lip colours are one of my make up staples – I can go without most of my make up but I feel like wearing a lip stick or lip stain makes me look like I’ve got my life together a bit more! I love the Maybelline stains because they really could last 24 hours if you wanted them too!

I have a red one that I love wearing on a night out but the Caramel Kiss is my go to nude colour. I’ve been experimenting with nude colours recently and this one is my favourite. It’s really easy to apply and once the colour has dried, the gloss thing (pictured above) gives it a shine and means it doesn’t come off… at all. It’s amazing and I love it!

favourites - 2

Rimmel Super Curler Mascara

I’m a massive fan of Rimmel mascaras – I think they have a huge variety for whatever occassion you might be needing mascara for. Last time I went to Boots, I basically bought a whole new make up bag and I was looking for a mascara that looked more like false lashes because I’m not good enough at make up to use false lashes!

The mascara I’d been using before was really good for an off day where you didn’t need massive lashes (it was called Wonder’full with Argan Oil, eyelash puns are my least favourite part about mascara!) but I wanted a full mascara and I picked this up and it was astonishing the difference it really makes.

favourites - 3

The applicator brush is, like, a proper brush not a plastic one (as far as I’m aware, I think? This is why I could never be labelled a beauty guru!) and it’s curved so it’s much easier to apply, particularly to the upper lash line. The only issue I find is that it makes my lashes so long and curled that it often leaves marks just under my brow bone so be careful when applying! That’s if I’ve inspired you to buy it that is. It’s really reasonably priced and I don’t really like the stigma behind high end make up so I’m not going to invest in it.

That and I’m very poor.

favourites - 4

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

Eyeliner is something I have about four different types of black pencils, gel, liquid, any type of eyeliner I can guarantee I’ve tried.

I’ve been through my ‘I’m trying to wing my eyeliner every single day and it’s not going very well’ phase and I’ve settled into a normal amount of eyeliner (I think) but I’ve found this is really easy to apply, dries really fast and is good for just lining the upper lash line and can draw accurate wings that will accurately never match but I’m just a kind of wonky person.

favourites - 5

Personally I wouldn’t use it on my lower lash line because I generally don’t wear eyeliner there and because my eyes are quite sensitive and get quite watery, I wouldn’t trust this liquid liner not to end up either running down my cheeks or in my eyes! That’s not a very nice thought.

But 9/10 for this eyeliner, genuinely it’s great.

(That’s all of the make up favourites but I really like writing about make up and I feel like I can write about it from a fairly relatable point of view so it would be fun to do a ‘daily make up’ or ‘what’s in my make up bag’ post – let me know in comments please!)

favourites - 6

Tresemme Expert Botanique Shampoo and Conditioner (with coconut milk and aloe vera)

Normally when I buy hair products, I just buy whatever’s there and has the prettiest packaging but when I bought this, I’d bleached my hair three times in four days and I feel my hair deserved the nourish and replenish.

But these products make my hair so soft – it’s so smooth and I even managed to blow dry my hair (which normally frizzes it!) with fairly normal results. It’s so nice for your hair and it was on offer when I bought it!

favourites - 7

PS3 Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

Whilst I’d be quite happy to say I’m not into gaming, that would be a lie – I love video games I’m just really picky with which ones I play. I loved this game and Lucas and I managed to 100% complete the game in just under 2 weeks – it was easy enough that it was, essentially, a kids game but it there’s details that only an older player would notice and only an older fan could appreciate. They combine love of the Harry Potter universe with well chaptered levels and classic Lego wit. We’re currently playing through years 5-7!

favourites - 8

In Our Bones – Against The Current

Against The Current have been a band that I love for a few years now and when Lucas and I met back in September, it was a band that we bonded over and both loved. This is their debut album with Fueled By Ramen and Amazon UK were doing a signed exclusive that I, as a wonderful girlfriend, bought for Lucas (and he kindly let me borrow to photograph).

I was lucky enough to see Against The Current live when they opened for All Time Low back in February and I got a taste of a few of the songs that would be on this album and I’ve been so excited. Every song is so individual and the artwork is absolutely beautiful, I’d love a poster version of it (but, I repeat, I’m very poor). One of my favourite songs is ‘Wasteland’ because it sounds like it could be a song about Doctor Who companions, but that’s just my interpretation! I’ve ‘In Our Bones’, the title track, in my head for days too.

favourites - 10

Rode microphone

This purchase kind of happened by accident – I was talking to my friend Ollie, who’s on Lucas’s course, about camera equipment for YouTube videos and he was talking about a bunch of equipment he had that would be really suitable for the kind of videos I’m making. Maybe a week or two later, Ollie messages me and tells me he’s selling one for just over half the retail price! Whilst it was still kind of expensive and I probably shouldn’t have bought it, it saved me money in the long run because the quality is infinitely better than what I had before. I’m really excited to start making some really high quality sounding videos.

favourites - 9

Dalek and Groot plushies

These are two little toys that I picked up while I was at MCM ComicCon last weekend – there were a few knitted Doctor Who characters and I just couldn’t get over how cute the Dalek looked, especially in my favourite colour!

It just reminds me of when the wonderful Nikki, Nichola Faye, Head of Ood Management, said that the Daleks had cute little ears and this Dalek definitely has cute little ears.

And Groot – Groot is always cute. I have a soft spot for Groot. If I could get a full size Groot plush I think I would. Like a whole three meters of Groot.

This leads me nicely into the favourites I don’t have photos for:

MCM ComicCon London (and VidFest UK)

For his birthday back in January, I bought my wonderful boyfriend Lucas tickets to the ComicCon event we’d talked about since we first met. We’ve been planning cosplay and getting excited about the event the nearer it drew and whilst most of my costumes fell through, the VidFest section of MCM was my favourite part of the weekend by far! (writing a post about meeting YouTubers and who I met in a few days!)

Hair Dye – BBlonde High Lift Powder Bleach

I’ve used a lot of hair dye this month – my hair is now very blonde because I was trying to get a ‘blank canvas’ (literally) to reapply the blue but all my friends really liked the blonde so I’m staying like this for a bit but this bleach specifically doesn’t come with the peroxide cream! It’s a really good dye and I would use it again but it’s worth noting that you have to buy a couple of products. They’re not expensive but I wouldn’t have noticed the cream was sold separately unless my sister had told me.

I also used Bleach London’s Total Bleach and that came with a conditioning mask that did my hair the world of good, I might even use one again tonight actually! It makes your hair incredibly soft and probably repairs some of the damage bleaching it causes, so remember to look after your hair after dying it!

The last favourite I wanted to talk about is actually a shop – stationary shop Paperchase has been one of my favourite stores for a long time and when I went in early in May looking for a new phone case, I spotted a sign offering a part time job in the window and I handed in my CV that same day. I’ve done a couple of shifts now since getting the job and I’m really loving the environment and the people I’m working with – everyone’s super friendly!

And there’s my first favourites post! There’s a lot of avenues I could go down from this – I’d love to write more about make up as someone who doesn’t really know much about make up because I feel like it could be relatable/useful for someone else who doesn’t really understand make up either, or I’d like to think so! I could do a full review of ‘In Our Bones’ – I’m quite happy writing whatever you want to read, so if you have any ideas or requests please do leave a comment!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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