Busted – Pigs Can Fly (tour review) | June




First things first – I’ve now moved to wordpress! I loved blogger because it was such an easy to use site but I feel like wordpress looks more professional and I want to take my blogging to a new level, so Lucas helped me transfer everything last night (if you’re new, Lucas is my boyfriend). I’m working on making it look pretty and I think this month of full on blogging is going to be the perfect opportunity to revamp my blog a bit.

IMG_1484However, that isn’t what this blog post is about – this blog post is about when I saw Busted on their ‘Pigs Can Fly’ tour at the O2 arena in London (27.05.16).

Yes, I’m one of those many millions of girls who were seven years old and loved Busted with all their hearts. As a 7-year old, I’d buy anything with Busted on it, any magazine, any unofficial biography, any poster – I started being a band fangirl very young! So when they broke up it broke my heart a little bit.

So, 12 years later, my little 7-year old self was screaming – this concert is something I’ve been waiting for and at 19, I finally got to see Busted live!

This was only highlighted when James, guitarist and vocalist, announced one of the songs as from their 2002 album and made a joke about how it was from 2002 and they needed to make a new one. It just brought it home that I was six years old in 2002 and their music is still as good today as it was then; and even better live.

IMG_1542When the band came onto the stage in the middle of the audience, some fairy lights arose and made a little teepee for the band to play in. It was magical and mystical and made my little fairy light-loving soul very happy – it brought the audience together into this really cosy atmosphere and it made the slow songs so much cuter.

Also the flying pig was really fun. Look at the flying pig. It flew.

The new songs were really fun and really good, not only did they play their newly released song ‘Coming Home’ but two other new songs, ‘Falling for You’ and ‘Easy’ and both are very promising for the new album being released this year (or rumoured to be released this year!).

What made the concert for most of the audience was not that the band are back together and writing new songs (though that was great too) but listening to all the old songs that we loved being played live. I know I keep referring to my 7 year-old self but she was a very, very happy Sophie.

3am, What I Go To School For, Crashed the Wedding, She Said No, 3am, Thunderbirds Are Go and ending with Year 3000 – some of my favourite songs and I got to sing them live with my favourite band and thousands of other people, it was truly incredible.

Alongside getting a rather funky looking t-shirt with an astronaut on it.

As I sat down and started listening to Emma Blackery opening and waiting for the concert to really start, I wasn’t too sure about it as I was tired from a whole day at MCM ComicCon and meeting some of my favourite YouTubers. When getting back to the hotel after the show I realised I had a colossal blister on the ball of my foot and two more days of ComicCon to walk on which was fun!

Going to concerts is one of my favourite things in the whole world and going with Welshie and Westie just made it even better because they’re the best friends I could ever ask for and it’s strange to think I’ve known Welshie for longer than Busted haven’t been a band – it’s been 13 years now! I’m very grateful to have those girls in my life and hopefully I’ll get to see them soon.

Also I got to take the cable cars over the Thames to the O2 and it was an absolutely gorgeous view both times, I love cable cars and I love London so much.


What I wanted to talk about last was when they playing ‘Sleeping with the Light On’. This is one of my favourite Busted songs and it was clearly the most popular song in the room (outside of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ and ‘Year 3000’, I’d say) because it was when the fairy lights were lit and I could hear the audience louder than the band themselves and it just felt so amazing. It felt like thousands of people were in one place for one reason and it was just a beautiful moment to be a part of. I got goosebumps and sent a message to my boyfriend telling him to remind me to write about it on my blog!

It was one of my favourite concerts I’ve ever been to and I’m really excited about Busted’s future, as a band once again.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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