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I would never say I’m the most fashionable person – I don’t follow fashion, I don’t buy clothes because they’re on trend or anything like that. I love clothes, I’ve written about this before, I really do love clothes and making outfits and finding an ensemble for an occasion – I love dressing up and feeling pretty in my clothes and make-up.

So I was having a browse on the other day and I saw a few items that I really couldn’t resist so I thought I’d do a little haul for you! I would have taken photos of me wearing the items but two of them are packed to come home with me for Christmas and I’m a snivelling mess right now so I don’t fancy having my photo taken all that much!

It’s worth noting boohoo are really good for having offers and deals with sales and next day delivery – I’m pretty sure every time I’ve ordered from boohoo I’ve got free next day delivery and everything arrives really promptly, alongside the clothes being really good quality and very true to size.

I don’t know if I’ve sold boohoo enough yet. Maybe I should make a boohoo haul video like I’m sponsored. Please sponsor me boohoo.

All photos are taken from boohoo’s website.

Jess Skater Skirt (black) – £8

This is just a really simple skater skirt that I decided to buy in black – when I was in sixth form I basically wore one of these skirts every day because they go with sheer shirts, jumpers; everything. I think they’re a really staple item and as someone who basically wears jeans every day I wanted something to shake that up a bit and make me feel slightly more feminine at times.

But skirts like this are also really great with crop tops on a night out! I love that it’s slightly shiny because usually I get matt, jersey skirts and I like that it’s a little bit different!

Until now I’d never thought I’d enjoy fashion-style blogging but I’m thoroughly enjoying this!

Lucie Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Bodycon Dress (black) – £8

Now if you know me at all you know I’m not a particularly body confident person – all of my t-shirts are two sizes too big, all of my hoodies are massive and generally I prefer baggy clothes to hide the parts of my body I’m insecure about (all of it). But I ordered a long sleeved dress from boohoo a while back and I really liked the length so I thought y’know what? Let’s try something new!

It’s not something I feel I can wear out yet – like every other person in the year, I’m telling myself that in the New Year I’m going to start doing more exercise and maybe going for runs (and maybe I’ll get my life together and become President while I’m at it!) but when I was trying it on, my wonderful boyfriend Lucas suggested I use it as a sort of incentive dress and I like that idea.

Though I don’t think I could ever wear it as fabulously as him.

No context required.

Maisy Mini Bodycon Jersey Skirt (black) – £4

(I couldn’t save the picture of it in black – sorry!)

Along the same lines as the skater skirt – I wanted to vary what I’m wearing a bit more and whilst I’m not a body confident person, I think I have lost weight since moving to Southampton and whilst not yet confident, I’m branching out a little bit.

It’s just a really nice skirt, it’s a decent length (which I was surprised about because normally I have to buy skirts in the ‘tall’ section because I’m a ‘tall’ girl!) and as I’m trying to get work experience, I think this is a skirt I could wear in the work environment too.

I feel all office-y when I’m wearing it. Sometimes I like to wear my glasses on the end of my nose and roll my eyes at people with a clip board in hand.

Too weird?

Naya Cage Back Swing Dress (black) – £8

I really, really love this dress – it’s simple and super comfy and while it is knee length on the model and I was expecting it to be inappropriate on me, it isn’t! That’s always a relief.

Another thing I want to do in the New Year is go out more – I know you’ll hear most students saying they need to go out less and study more, but I’m not a party girl and Nikki has been telling me that she really thinks I’ll enjoy it. So I need some outfits to go out in! 

I expected this to be another jersey dress but the material is hard to describe – the description says 100% polyester but that means nothing to me! It’s not quite chiffon, it’s more stiff than that. Either way it’s a very light material but it covers everything without showing off your underwear and somehow it’s heavy enough to hang right! 

(I’ll be sure to post pictures of this dress whenever I wear it, hopefully over Christmas and my sister can take some lovely photos for me!)

I really, really enjoyed writing this post. Obviously I don’t know anything about fashion – Nikki’s studying fashion and she always talks about predicting trends and everything she has to do and that’s not how I do clothes; I do what appeals to me, what I think I’ll look good in and what I think I’ll feel comfortable in. Maybe that’s something other people want to share with me!

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Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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