Page 352 of 365: Home For Christmas!



I’ve been quite ill over these past few days so I managed to get into uni for approximately 15 minutes before I went back to my room for a quick nap and then Lucas and I finished packing to get on a train to come back home for Christmas.

Well, I’m staying for Christmas. Lucas is going back to his home for Christmas but he’s staying here for a few days and then I’m going to his for a few days after Christmas. Ain’t it cute. Christmas.

I don’t know why but getting home always stressed me out – we got a cab across London cost way more than I expected (well, not really – it’s London) but we didn’t want to face the underground with two heavy suitcases while I couldn’t really think straight because I felt really crappy.

But we got back eventually! We went to visit my cousin and see her while she was in town and then we came back to Mum’s house where three of us are squeezed on a two person sofa and I feel a little like a T-Rex because I’m in the middle and I can’t really move my arms.

It’s lovely to be home though – everything is very, very Christmassy and I’m excited to have some time off and really chill out, hang out with the family.

Bring on Christmas!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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