Page 349 of 365: Deliveries and Build A Bear Pikachu



Today I was expecting a delivery from boohoo, so when I got two emails from the Residence Team at my halls I expected at least one of them to be boohoo!

I was given three packages and none of them were boohoo! Two of them were Lucas’s Christmas presents which means they’ve all arrived now and I’m so excited because I forgot just how great they are and I really cannot wait to give them to him.

But the necklace in the header photo came about due to a Facebook advert (I’ve seen a few of these about recently) – it was a ‘get this product free’ thing and I saw this necklace and adored it, I love Percy Jackson and it’s a beautiful necklace (I guarantee, I’m wearing it now!) and I only had to pay delivery which was actually much cheaper than I was expecting.

Obviously, or I wouldn’t have bought it.

Everything’s starting to come together for Christmas and I’m really excited to go home now, especially as Lucas is coming home with me for a few days again.

The other exciting thing that happened today was our trip to Build a Bear.

Yes, the children’s bear shop.

Lucas has been eagerly anticipating the release of a Pikachu toy for about a week now and we had to do a boring chore this morning so we rewarded ourselves. And by ‘ourselves’, I mean I not only allowed but encouraged him to buy Pikachu.

He’s so soft, like ridiculously soft.

I’ve decided I’m going to go in after Christmas and get another bear – I’ve got one from when I was 5 years old but she’s 14 years and definitely wants a new friend.

In an Iron Man costume.

I’m going to wait till after Christmas though. It’s going to be great.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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