Page 348 of 365: Third and Seconds



Mondays are always a very mixed bag for me – I hate having to get up for (what I call) early lectures (but I’m constantly reminded that it’s not early at all) and I really wasn’t feeling well this morning – my first lecture was boring and pointless, my shorthand class is always tedious and I was having a ‘quiet’ day where no one ever seems to hear what I say.

But when I got to my afternoon seminar, as we always do we had a news quiz. Today was the pinnacle of the news quiz as we were all being told about the final rankings and prize givings before Christmas and the scores started again after the holidays.

I’m a competitive person – to the degree that I usually revise for news quizzes and follow the news (when I’m in the mood) just so I can do better on these quizzes – and it worked in my favour! I came third in the entirety of my course, which makes it sound a lot bigger than it is – there’s about thirty of us but out of thirty people I came third and whilst it’s just a fun little game that we played that doesn’t mean anything, it made me really happy that I’d achieved even this little thing.

But Mondays always tire me out – when I got back to my halls after my seminar I really struggled not to nap.

However, Lucas and I were waiting on a delivery – a package of something neither of us had ordered before. We got a voucher for a website that has preset meals, you pick one and they send you the ingredients and a recipe and you have the perfect quantity without having to throw away left overs.

Tonight we made chicken wrapped in bacon with potato wedges, Brussel sprouts and a cranberry sauce that we made ourselves and just writing about it is making me wish there was still some left because it was so good!

The leaflet that came with the box compared the price of the ingredients (or the worth of each serving or something) with five or six big supermarket brands and it was all cheaper.

It also helps that the recipe wasn’t really that difficult and we can definitely do it again ourselves and we fully intend to! We’re going to start experimenting and making it our own – we do quite enjoy cooking together, baking too (we need to do that more).

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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