Page 306 of 365: Tattoos, Lip Piercings and a MacBook



This is the first blog post I’m writing on my MacBook and I’m painfully excited about it – I was jumping round the kitchen with my flat mates earlier and I’m not even exaggerating a little bit.

But that’s not really worthy of a whole blog post so I’m going to talk about piercings and tattoos and things instead.

After the blog post I wrote about lip piercings, my mum basically said that she was okay with it – I think she’ll like it more when she can see it and see that it isn’t as bad as she thinks it’s going to be. I only want a little ring or maybe a stud – I intend for it to be subtle but now that we’ve talked about it I think I’m actually going to look into it this weekend.

Whilst looking into a lip piercing, I might book another tattoo. I was talking to my flat mate today and he said that he’s certain what tattoo he really wants and we need to just bite the bullet and actually go and book them because I definitely want the All Time Low tattoo, I’ve decided that now.

Also I’ve mentioned ‘my flat mate’ a lot and I’m always talked about Lucas. I asked him if I could blog about him and he said it was fine and suggested I wrote a post called ‘Meet Lucas’.

Guess what tomorrow’s post will be.

Hey, meet my best friend! But I can’t tell him I said that, he’ll get cocky.

Conclusion: I’m going to get my lip pierced and I’m going to get another tattoo… before I get another one when I get home… is there such a thing as too many tattoos? This will be four in a year! Oops…

I’m so excited!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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