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Tomorrow my dad is coming to visit me in Southampton and after uni we’re going to go to the Apple store in town and go buy a MacBook Pro. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a long time and I’ve wanted one for longer but when I got into university and I went home last month (happy November by the way!) I mentioned that everything we do on my course is on a Mac so if I have work to do I often have to go to the library to use the Macs there because my computer just doesn’t have access to the software or the capabilities.
My dad then said to me that, as part of my Christmas present, he would buy me a Mac because it’s going to get my through the rest of my degree and it’ll come to good use and I’ve wanted one for so long that it’s definitely not going to be unused.

So tomorrow I’m getting my MacBook. Being a student has it’s perks so the total bill will be 15% less than if I’d bought it before I left school. 

I mentioned it a while back (I think) that my dad was coming to visit for this reason and I reiterate that I’m more excited to see my dad than to get a MacBook… but I’m very excited about my MacBook too.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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