Page 307 of 365: Meet Lucas



I’ve mentioned my flat mate, Lucas, quite a bit in these blog posts because he’s basically my best friend at uni and yesterday he suggested writing a post called ‘Meet Lucas’. I didn’t think it would happen because he wasn’t going to get home in time but he is so I’m going to make him blog the second he gets in because I’m that kind of best friend.

Hello I’m Nikki room mate no.2 it may sound like I’m second in rank to Lucas which is most definitely true. Although I like to think I’m Sophie’s favourite girl room mate and Lucas is her favourite boy room mate. I have hijacked this blogpost to give my opinion on Lucas. He is quite a lovely person and he keeps my little Sophie going, which is good. I think its important that you find friends that would be there for you through all the good and bad moments in you life and Lucas is one of those people. If you want a shoulder to cry on or a sunny D and vodka drinking session Lucas is your man.

Now it’s me (Lucas that is)… HI! Sophie is great and from what I’ve seen, and also understand, she talks about me a lot. I’m “Flatmate”, “Best Friend”, “BFF4EVA”, and many, many more so now you can finally get a feel for me. Here’s a brief list of information about me:
     1. I’m REALLY Freaking Tall
     2. Sometimes I’m Funny (ALL THE TIME ACTUALLY)
     3. Sophie Is My Best Friend Here at Uni (She’s great and fun to be around          and this is supposed to be about me and not her and oh no I’ve gotten              distracted again)
     4. I Get Very Easily Distracted
In other thoughts though, I’m that guy who is here for Sophie whenever because I’m a nice guy and that’s what friends do right… Nice things? Right?… RIGHT!?

Lucas, Signing Off ❤

I’m going to cry this is so cute. This was meant to be about Lucas but it ended up being about me and everything got far more sentimental than I intended.

Lucas is a great guy and I’m lucky to have him as a friend – he is really freaking tall and he does look after me and I’ve cried on him far too often but he doesn’t care and I love him very much. He and Nikki are my best friends and Nikki has requested we do a follow up post about her so look out for that!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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