Page 209 of 365: Generations of Journalists



I never really thought I wanted to be a journalist – I always associated the term with a bunch of liars that made up drama and gossip for the sake of a good story. Then I realised not everyone works for ‘Heat’ magazine.

Since then I’ve learnt that journalism is much more than working for trashy magazines and newspapers – journalism includes making videos and interviewing people and a huge variety of skills that I’m really excited to learn about.

But my mum revealed to me a few months ago that she’d been interested in journalism when she was my age but it was much, much more difficult to get into. What makes it even more interesting, is that her mum – my nan – also wanted to go into journalism.

I know my nan left school at 15 and the opportunities were very different for her than they were for my mum and they are for me so she went into working in care homes with young children. She’s a brilliant woman, my nan. 

I just think it’s really odd that something so specific has been passed down through three generations of my family, when none of us were aware of the previous generations ambitions – my mum never told me she wanted to be a journalist until after I’d applied and put my firm choice, my nan never told my mum. 

And we’ve all grown up so differently – genetics always impress me, particularly between my mum, my nan and I because we are quite similar and people say my mum and I look really similar but I don’t see it.

I just think it’s funny. If anything, it makes me more determined to graduate university for the generations of journalists before my that didn’t get the chance. I’ll do it one day, just you watch me.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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