Page 208 of 365: Doctor Who (is great)



Sometimes I think I’m very stereotypically British, in my mannerisms and my accent, but in other aspects I’m very not stereotypically British – I don’t drink tea and and I don’t use a lot of British phrases.

But in the respect of Doctor Who I’m the most British person you could find.

I adore Doctor Who – I started watching it with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman (10th Doctor and Martha) and fell in love. I have religiously watched it ever since, I went back and watched Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper and I have a few DVDs of old-who but I actually have no idea where to start so I haven’t watched them yet but I really want to.

I just love the kind of childish adventure of it all – Matt Smith in his first series (Series 5) was one of my favourites because every episode was a different story, almost completely unrelated to each other it was just the Doctor and Amy Pond running away and having fun adventures and that’s my favourite kind of Doctor Who.

More recently it’s been very dark – the Doctor’s been very aware of morals and his own power and it’s a bit much from the childish adventure show that started in the 60s.

But I love this show all the same – when the 50th Anniversary episode aired in 2013, there was a convention at the ExCel centre in London and I was lucky enough to get tickets. Me and my mum were wondering around the exhibition hall before one of the shows we went to and we got bored pretty fast to be honest – everything was expensive and busy and we’d had an early start to get to London so we found this area of seating and nabbed some front row seats in case something exciting happened.

Graham Norton came out and interviewed Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman (who I have a tiny giant crush on anyways) and it was insane – we were close enough to hear them even though the mics weren’t working and it was amazing.

Matt and Jenna then had to go to somewhere else and they walked through the crowd and I said hello and Matt Smith – the actual Doctor from TV – said hello back to me, it was incredible. I don’t know why I remember this but I was going through a really shit time with a boy and it cheered me up so much to distract myself like this.

Then while a song was playing, Graham Norton was signing stuff and taking pictures and I didn’t get the chance to ‘meet’ him (I guess that’s the right word) because the song finished but I was less than a metre away – he was right there. It was so cool. Potentially the nerd-iest day of my life, but one of the best. It was so exciting.

We then went into one of the shows and it was a Q&A with the two actors Matt and Jenna, head writer Steven Moffat (who was one of my idols in time gone by) and a producer who I embarrassingly can’t remember the name of but I got this fabulous picture of Matt and Jenna.

I also met a guy from YouTube, Georaga (check out his channel, it’s great) and he was really sweet and we chatted on Snapchat and it was really cool.

It was a brilliant day and only further reinforced my love for Doctor Who. When I was 15 I wanted to be a writer for Doctor Who, now I don’t think I could do the job full time but I’d love to write an episode or appear in the series, that would be really cool.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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