Page 196 of 365: All Time Low or Fall Out Boy?

All Time Low

Fall Out Boy


No, I’m not asking you to help me pick a band (though All Time Low are my favourite band, Fall Out Boy are joint third… oops).

When I get home in August, I want to get another tattoo and I don’t know whether to get All Time Low’s Future Hearts logo or lyrics from Fall out Boy’s ‘Save Rock and Roll’.

Since I got my 5SOS tattoo, I’ve wanted an All Time Low one because they are my favourite band (whereas 5SOS are my second favourite, not that I rank bands) and I want to show that but I’m not a bit fan of their skull and crossbones logo. I saw someone on instagram had got the Future Hearts logo and thought it looked great.

I want it on my right forearm below the 5SOS tally and about the same size.

I’ve loved these lyrics for a long time and I think they’re so important. They mean a lot to me because I spent a lot of my school life trying to be good enough for other people and the minute I threw myself into writing and making content online (what I love) I became infinitely happier, because that’s who I am.

But I’m not a permanently happier person – I need a reminder of these lyrics and their meaning sometimes and I’d like to get them in the handwriting of my parents just to give the tattoo that extra bit of meaning.

I’d like to get it on my left inside forearm, in line with the music note, so it’s visible to me and not necessarily anyone else; like my other tattoos.

And I don’t know which one to get first! Please leave a comment with your favourite one or any other suggestions!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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