Page 197 of 365: Luke Hemmings’ Birthday!



Today is Luke Hemmings’ – of 5 Seconds of Summer fame – birthday.

If there’s an excuse to post a picture of young Luke Hemmings in a flower crown, it’s his birthday.

Side note; because we start, I know it was Ashton Irwin’s birthday on the 7th but I’d already written a blog post for that day in Ecuador-prep – I didn’t forget, but also I spent approximately 12 hours on a video for him last year so it makes up for it (Keep Smiling Ashton, if you’re interested).

The progression of time scares me enough as it is but knowing this weird little penguin boy is 19 freaks me out. This is mostly because he is only 2 months older than me and his birthday means it’s my birthday soon and if he’s growing up that means I’m growing up and that’s what scares me the most.

Luke Hemmings is a wonderful individual; very, very talented, incredibly dorky and taller than everyone expects. Obviously I don’t know him, if I did I’d probably send him a card rather than write a lame-ass blog post. Though, I wrote my nan a blog post for her birthday and she nearly cried.

I don’t think Luke Hemmings will cry over my blog.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this – I don’t want to say happy birthday to him because that would be awfully presumptuous of me and he’s never going to see this anyways.

But I have his bands logo tattooed on my wrist and his birthday reminds me of mine because we’re so similar in age (as opposed to Ashton who turned 21).

Another year, just another 5SOS fan.

Well, here goes nothing, I’m going to say it… happy birthday, Luke Hemmings! I’m sorry I only ever called you by your full name in this post.

Thank you for reading, even if you’re not Luke Hemmings (lol),

Sophie xx

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