Page 188 of 365: Snapchat



A blog post about snapchat makes it seem like I’m reviewing snapchat as a new app – no, I know snapchat is years and years old. I’ve just been really enjoying snapchat at the moment and I wanted to share!

I don’t really use the app to talk to my friends (that sounds rude, I do talk to my friends) – generally, I text or facebook message but for a few people, snapchat is more fun because we have really funny faces.

I use snapchat more for the story feature – I follow more YouTubers, celebrities and companies on snapchat than I do friends and I find it’s a really fun way to publish and follow what they’re doing.

I use snapchat in much the same way – I don’t know how many people follow me on snapchat but it’s definitely more people than I actually know and I like posting pictures and fun videos on there.

To be perfectly honest, posting one second selfies on snapchat has really helped my self esteem! I started posting almost every day to, in some respects, force myself to be more comfortable with my face. It’s not like I can change my face all that much – I’m stuck with it so I might as well like it!

And it’s definitely worked – I’m really happy with myself right now! Someone on tumblr after seeing my prom pictures said I looked beautiful and I almost surprised myself by saying you know what? I felt beautiful!

I think snapchat playing a part in that.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

That’s where you’ll find me:
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett

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