Page 187 of 365: My newest hair discovery!



When I sat ‘newest hair discovery’, I mean ‘this has been around for ages and I only just started using it’. I do that a lot – I either find something three months before it gets popular or three months after everyone’s got over the hype.

What I am talking about it sea salt spray – yes, I can hear everyone sighing. I read an article (on Sugarscape, of all places) about getting natural beach waves and I found some when I went shopping with my nan and, oh god, it is wonderful.

I have naturally wave hair anyway, but generally it’s not very shapely and has no control. If I brush my hair when it’s dry, I look like Hermione Granger from the Philosopher’s Stone. But a bit of sea salt spray on towel dried hair gives it a bit of shape and tames it more and I look like I’ve spent a day on the beach! Even though I live over an hour away from any pebbly English beach!

I love it, it’s the only product I used on my hai for prom – £3.99 well spent!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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