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Last time I did a creative writing post, I did it inspired by an AU ideas list on tumblr (read Pen Pals for an explanation of ‘AU’ – it’s a kind of weird concept) and I couldn’t find any good websites for short prompt ideas so I’m using another AU idea! Here’s ‘I’m a techie, you’re the lead actor in a show’.

I loved doing shows at school – the musicals are always so much fun and as someone who’s studying musical theatre at uni next year, I had a good part.

We’d been rehearsing for months; we knew songs and dance routines and all our lines and we were doing dress rehearsals and last minute costume checks for opening night tomorrow.

I was excited – it would be my last show with this school and I was so ready to move on to bigger and better things at uni, but I get four nights performing at centre stage first.

We’d never really had a tech team before – the school had got all these new lights and smoke machines, usually everything as run by the hired technicians but this year they invited the students to help run the show.

I was getting my mic fixed on by a boy from my year – he was tall with shaggy blonde hair, he was usually in the music rooms all day every day so I was surprised he wasn’t in the band.

“There you go, all set – everyone can hear you sing now.” He smiled. “I mean, not right now – it’s not on, but-“

“I get it.” I interrupted his nervous fumbling – he was cute. “So if anything goes wrong, I’ll just come find you?”

“Yeah, mics are my responsibility so just grab me if the battery pack needs changing or something.”

I nodded. “So why are you on the tech team and not in the band? You’re a drummer, right?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s a piss easy drum part and they wanted to give the younger kids a chance. This was my only way of getting involved.”

“Oh, you should have auditioned!” I tried to show enthusiasm – I knew he was talented and studying music performance and production next year.

“Maybe. Would have been better than the asswipe playing your leading man – his head’s stuck so far up his own ass he’s forgotten what sunlight looks like.” He groaned.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “He’s a really shitty kisser as well, always tries to shove his tongue in my mouth.”

The tech boy showed me what kissing was meant to be like at the after party of the last show.

I’m such a not-good-enough theatre kid – everything was based on my experiences with musicals at school and imagining a guy infinitely more interesting than the ones at my old school.

Because I can call it my ‘old school’ now.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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