Page 151 of 365: Book Ideas



I don’t like calling myself a writer, because I’ve not got anything properly published and I don’t write enough original fiction, but I feel like I have enough ideas to perhaps consider myself a writer.

I’d had a lot of ideas recently but I thought of one today that I think people would really latch on to – inspired by a post on tumblr I think it’s something people will really relate to and I know I’m already excited about it and I’ve not started writing it and I probably won’t any time soon because of exams and writing I do on my fan blog.

At this very moment, I really want to take a year out to write properly but if I get this apprenticeship I’ll be going to London, if I don’t get the apprenticeship and I do get the grades I’ll be going to uni but if I don’t get either I’ll either stay at home and write or travel and write.

It’s difficult to plan how I’m going to be a writer when I don’t know where my life is going to go in September. But I had a dream last night where I was at a kind of YouTube-y festival thing and I was on stage with 5SOS and John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns, slung his arm around my shoulders and we had a long chat about how I’d get my book published.

That was one of two very strange dreams I had last night, I don’t have normal dreams. Ever.

I can’t wait to start writing again, I’m so looking forward to finishing my exams.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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