Page 150 of 365: Dear Diary? 30-05-15



I’ve been staring at a black blog post for about two hours now. I’ve edited three videos, created a dream 5SOS set list with my best friend Nina and not thought of anything to blog about so I’m going to tell you what I did today like a diary because I’m pretty sure that was the original purpose of blogging eight years ago.

I got out of bed approximately ten minutes before I left the house, wearing my hair half up (I put it up like that yesterday and forgot to take it out before I went to bed) and my make-up from yesterday (I’m one classy girl). I walked into town with my mum and my sister to meet my nan, her friend and her uncle for a cute little cake and a coffee.

It’s a regular Saturday occurrence, we’re a very routinely bunch.

After aforementioned coffee, we walked down to a charity furniture shop because my sister wanted an armchair for her man cave. She picked a chair and luckily we didn’t have to carry it home – we walked home and found that my dad had bought doughnuts. I took a doughnut upstairs and started figuring out what video I was going to film to upload tomorrow.

I spent a few hours filming because I got distracted and just started playing around on my guitar rather than actually recording a cover but then I actually finished some revision and I planned out my week and I can’t decide if I’m more stressed or less stressed about my impending exams.

I’m very stressed right now and I think that’s why I don’t want to blog right now. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a more insightful post for you!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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