Page 124 of 365: I like fashion?



I’ve never considered myself as someone who was into fashion – someone who was into fashion was someone who was up to date on models and and what’s in style and designers and the like. They probably owned items from Jack Wills as well.

I’ve never been into any of those things – I think the modelling world is somewhat shallow and ‘fashionable’ clothes are too weird and out there for me. I had no interest in watching people in outrageous clothes walking down catwalks or spending extortionate amounts of money on handbags with pasta for straps.

But recently I’ve realised, I actually really like clothes! I take pride in how I look and I love putting outfits together and shopping both in store and online. But not for the clothes that I would have considered ‘fashion’ – I like searching for band t-shirts and sweaters with slogans on and a variety of sneaker shoes (Vans and Converse are my favourites, if anyone from Vans or Converse is reading… hello) and I take real pride in it.

When thinking about it more and looking into it properly, I thought I was most into grunge clothing – plaid shirts, leather jackets, beanies, dyed hair – and that is what I think I wear most as it’s what I’m most comfortable in.

I like to consider myself punk-rock, but when I googled punk clothing it was vastly different to this and I don’t think I’m very rock. ‘Vaguely intimidating’ is what I’m aiming for in outfits like this, lipstick and winged eyeliner helps this.

But I also really like indie/hipster clothing (i.e. a lot of the outfits at Coachella) – I like floaty floral tops and faded denim jeans and floral crowns and light eye shadow with pretty necklaces.

I love experimenting with fashion and make-up and it’s not always the most ‘feminine’ (some of my favourite shirts are ones my dad lost buttons to) or ‘in season’ but I really love fashion.

You don’t have to be into weird clothing sculptures and expensive designer brands to be into fashion – over the weekend I was cleaning my room and that involved hanging up all my t-shirts. My mum (for fun, might I add) counted all my t-shirts and I’ll say now, I love t-shirts – I love having different designs and supporting different bands and causes and they’re my favourite item of clothing. That’s why I have around 100 t-shirts (I’ve currently got three in the post and that’ll make it up to 99, so t-shirt number 100 will have to be a special one!).

I am aware that it’s very extensive. I just really love t-shirts. Most of them are pretty cheap as well, a couple are tie dyed ones I made myself. Maybe I’ll be a t-shirt designer when I grow up.

But that relies on me growing up.

To be honest, I don’t really know what style of clothes I fit into best, but like music, I don’t like trying to categorise things into genres. If I like a song, I like a song, if I like an item of clothing, I like that item of clothing. If I don’t want to put things in boxes, I don’t want to. I don’t like labelling things. How many ways can I say the same thing? I don’t know. My conclusion: I like fashion.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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