Page 123 of 365: Spectating a Dance Competition


Well hello there!

Today, I got out of bed at 5.30. 5.30am, I think that deserves a blog post to itself because it’s so damn early. But today I got up at 5.30am to drive to the University of East Anglia in Norwich to support my dance school in their first group competition, Can You Dance.

I wasn’t performing – a fact I’m quite grateful for having watched a bunch of my friends dance through three master classes and then compete in an intense competition with a bunch of other potential dancers, I was glad to be behind the camera. I have over 300 photos that I’m going to sort through after this, I might post a couple tomorrow if you want (let me know in the comments).

It was really interesting to go as a spectator – a lot of the girls from my dance school were interested in being scouted and we all have a very competitive nature, so we spent the whole time encouraging them to push to the front and perform more but that’s so much easier to say when you’re sitting watching a class.

But it was a thoroughly enjoyable day – I love dancing but I love taking photos and video and I really enjoyed watching the dances and picking the moments that should be captured on camera and then spending the rest of the class trying to press the shutter at the right time but I got some really good shots (so I’m told).

It was a long day – we left at 6.30am and returned at 9pm but it was so worth it, I loved today so much and I can’t wait to go to another dance event or take some more dance photos. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to actually use my camera!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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