Page 125 of 365: Can You Dance? (photography)


Why hello there!

In Page 123 I talked about supporting my friends at the ‘Can You Dance?’ competition in Norwich. I was just filling a spare ticket, to be honest, but I took my fancy pants camera so i could work on my ability to take photos of moving people (i.e. dancers) but my dance teacher got excited and told me to take loads.

I took a total of 309 photos and I narrowed it down to 50 that I liked. I then narrowed it down again and I’ve had so many lovely photographs that I’ve fallen in love with photography all over again. I wanted to share them here too, I hope you like them!

This was just the warm up but I love how much Jenny is putting into it (Jenny being the one in the blue and white shirt, second from the right among the sea of dancers).

This guy plonked himself right in front of me while I had my camera held to my face. I’m forever shaming him in the form of indirects on the internet. 

In the dance there was a backward jump thing and this was the closest I got to everyone doing the same thing.

I just love how the three girls that I tried to get in this shot are doing entirely different things – the girl on the left is throwing herself into it, Jenny’s leg is so much higher than everyone elses and the girl on the right looks really emotional. I just find it interesting that people perform the same dance so differently!

Sinead is such a beautiful dancer and this class suited her to a tee – watching her dance was an honour, I love her performance.

Whilst Jenny looks stunning in this photo, the girls either side of her were kinda pretentious and they don’t look so graceful in this photo and that makes me giggle.

Guess who noticed I was taking photos?


I love this photo because, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Jenny stands out – not only is it the pink but I feel like from a camera perspective she is the most in focus. I love this photo and this kid a lot.

#moresquadgoals (I got one of those sports bras but I’m not a good enough dancer to join the crew)

Watching the competition wasn’t as fun as watching the classes, but I’m so proud of ‘A Doll’s House’ and how much the girls pulled it together.

The girls in the pink polka dot skirts are meant to be creepy dolls and every single one of them looks like they’ve been possessed. I love it.

Emma, the girl leaping second from the left, is in a perfect split and that’s the only thing I’m going to acknowledge.

I love these photos because they really highlight how important it is for dancers to work on timing and be together. Also I really love dance photography and maybe if the group go to another competition they might let me take more photos. I hope so!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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