Page 83 of 365: I don’t do internet for the fame


Why hello there!

Firstly, I’m being super organised – I’m super inspired right now so I’m writing this blog post a day early because I was just listening to Ben Cook (ninebrassmonkeys on YouTube) talking to Carrie Hope Fletcher (ItsWayPastMyBedtime on YouTube) and in his last question to her, he asked if she had any advice to anyone starting YouTube and my ears pricked up, as someone who’s been doing YouTube for over a year and I’m always listening to advice.

Carrie said ‘Don’t do it fame’ and that got me thinking – did I start YouTube for the fame? I’m almost at 400 subscribers and I just found out a girl at my school has over 60k subs and I’m really jealous because her content is no better than mine and I was ranting to my friend about how I felt I deserved more (not even in a vain way, just that I work to upload really regular content) but Carrie’s comment got me thinking.

Because I just finished this Hairspray project and I’m so proud of it – I loved getting all the footage and editing it all together and getting feedback from the cast has been so reassuring and lovely. I want to show everyone but I’ve not got permission from the cast so I wouldn’t feel right sharing it, but that’s definitely the video I’m proudest of in 2015.

The video I am most proud of this year is a video I can’t show anyone – does that mean I’m not in it for the fame?

I love making videos – I like making different kinds of videos and I love editing and hearing that people like what I do and yeah, I guess I do want lots of people to watch them but I don’t think I’m in it for the fame. Not unless I deserved it anyway.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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