Page 82 of 365: Friendship



Friendship is really important and I’m really lucky with the people I’m surrounded by – I’m planning to get another tattoo in the next couple of weeks and I want a tally mark because there are five people who really got my through the last year and I know I’m super lucky to have friends and family that I can rely on.

I wanted to say that before I started saying a couple of negative things – just to clarify: I know I’m lucky and I’m so grateful for everything I have.

Here comes the but…

But as I’m in the last of fourteen years at school, seven years at the same school with mostly the same people, let’s just say I’m nearing the end of this tether. If you want to use tether’s as metaphors for stages of my life, that is. 

Anyway, I read somewhere once that in school, you’re only friends with some people because you see them five days a week and I’ve noticed that and luckily so have my friends. It’s harsh, because some of my group have said ‘I’m going to keep in contact with you, you and you and probably no one else’. I mean, I’ve made the same list but I’m less blunt to the people I probably won’t be talking to in the near future (as I only have five more proper weeks at school!).

I’ve noticed that there are a few people in a similar position as me – I do love my friends but I don’t know if they’re my friends because I actually like them or being I have learnt how to deal with them five days a week and I’m starting to see other people act similarly.

Friends are difficult, especially friends in school because it’s a situation you’ll never really be in again (that’s what my mum always says) but it isn’t forever – four years ago I would have wondered whether I’d ever get out of where I was but I’m here four years later and stronger and ready to leave some people behind, to stop them holding me back.

I do love my friends, but it’s my best friends that I’ll be talking to in October when everyone’s gone to Uni and I’m doing whatever I’m doing.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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