Page 84 of 365: One Direction, or 80% of it



Wow, today is dramatic! Zayn Malik, heartthrob of pop boy band One Direction has quit pop boy band One Direction and the internet is exploding.

With no less than 5 world wide twitter trends, let’s just say the internet is full of rumours and ‘apparently this’ and ‘apparently that’ and it’s entertaining to say the least. And the 2010 photos are astounding, I can’t believe how young they looked only five years ago!

All I want to say is that I saw the whole thing coming – I said One Direction wouldn’t last the year and I was surprised when they announced another tour so soon. They got way too famous way too fast and they have too many fans – they couldn’t handle it and I totally respect his decision to prioritise himself, even if the decision was made at a particularly bad time.

What I find funniest is that everyone’s treating it as if he’s died – ‘Always In Our Hearts Zayn Malik’? He’s trying to get some privacy, he’s not going to disappear forever – although his twitter may suggest he has fallen off the face of the Earth.

I think this might be the beginning of the end of One Direction, but I don’t think it’s the conclusion of this band. I think two or three years off and they might be able to rekindle what made them a great band back in 2013 on the Take Me Home tour (where I found 5 Seconds of Summer, by the way).

Any thoughts about Zayn leaving? Leave it in the comments!

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