Page 64 of 365: Expressing Yourself



Last night on my 5SOS fanfiction blog (I’m just calling it what it is, judge me if you will) I posted a piece I’ve had saved on my iPad for literally months but hadn’t posted. It was something I’d written at 1am after a particularly low night to try and make myself feel better, it contains my second favourite line that I’ve ever written, second to:

“Broken hearts mend but not if you keep filling the gap with empty promises.”

From a piece based on/inspired by Ed Sheeran’s ‘Nina‘ (conveniently sharing a name with one of my best friends). 

The post I made last night was called ‘Late Night Calls‘ and even if you don’t like 5 Seconds of Summer I really recommend you read it, because even as a stand alone short story I’m really proud of it.

I think this is because it was so personal and it meant so much to me, especially the line:

“Stop saying you’re fine; I didn’t ask if you were okay – I asked what was wrong.”

I’ve been thinking about this line for a long time – I rewrote the story a few times but this was always the pivotal line. I just think it’s really important, it’s something that I (and now I know a lot of others too) wish people would say to me sometimes? It’s hard to explain – I can’t find the words because it’s quite personal to me but I had four or five messages when I posted it last night saying people really understood and empathised with what was going on.

What this blog has helped me do more than anything else is find what I’m good at – regarding writing, I’m good at dialogue based pieces that are usually sadder but personal and sentimental. That’s my way of expressing myself and I don’t want to feel restricted in that expression because people think fanfiction is creepy and weird.

(Side note: I made a video regarding fanfiction a few weeks ago and I feel like it’s relevant to plug it here)

I love seeing people getting passionate about things – whether it be dancing, writing, painting, photography; whatever makes anyone feel passionate and expressive makes me happy. Writing makes me happy and I refuse to do it so much that I hate it.

I’m feeling really happy that night, it would mean a lot if you read ‘Late Night Call’ (pretend Ashton isn’t this loser).

Giant loser.

Is there any way you feel you can really express yourself? Anything you’re really passionate about? Leave it in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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