Page 63 of 365: Tween Quizzes (thanks sugarscape!)


Why hello there!

I’m a sucker for a quiz – I obviously don’t believe in it, but tween quizzes are so entertaining to me. So when I clicked on ‘When will you meet 5 Seconds of Summer?’ I thought – hey I can make a blog post about this.

Let’s do it.

When will you meet 5 Seconds of Summer?
As well as questions like ‘how much would you give up to meet them?’ and ‘how would you feel waiting in the cold for six hours?’, there are questions such as ‘Which Spongebob character do you identify with most?’ (Squidward), ‘What’s your Harry Potter spell of choices?’ (Lumos) and ‘What would your mermaid tail look like?’ (blue/green) and I was thus deemed to wait three years before I meet 5 Seconds of Summer.

Oh no, my life is over *pause for sarcastic laughter*

Why I enjoy these quizzes so much I have no idea but I think I like the questions more than the result? Let’s find some more!

Which celebrity squad do you belong in?
I have no idea what this means but there’s a picture of Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift and Fearne Cotton so I might as well give it a go.

Questions like: Pick a Spice Girl (Mel B), Justin Bieber. Discuss (Move on. Please, I don’t care), Does Liam Payne look sexy throwing a basketball on the ground? (Yes or Yes), Pick an Ariana Grande hairstyle (Ponytail, Ponytail, Ponytail or Ponytail) and Which city do you want to live in most? (LA).

Kanye’s clique? There’s a picture of ‘Kimye’ and John Legend and his wife. If I get to hang out with John Legend that’s okay.

Which minor friends character are you?
I adore friends and I’m having a wonderful evening.

Questions like: Who’s your favourite proper, actual, main friends character? (Chandler), Which one of these Means Girls characters do you connect with spiritually? (Gretchen Weiners), What’s the best part of a Sunday roast dinner? (stuffing, obviously), Where will you probably be found on a Saturday night? (‘Alone. On the internet. Buried in my duvet.) and On a scale of 1 to 6, how sassy are you? (7 6).

CHICK AND DUCK. I’m way happier than I should be but I feel they’re very, very crucial characters to the show.

Which Disney sidekick would you be?
This is the way to end a blog post about stupid quizzes.

Questions like: In your friendship group you’re the… (sensible one, um), Your dream date involves… (Picnic in the park I guess, night walk on the beach wasn’t an option) and Pick a pet (puppy). It was a fairly short quiz!

Pascal from Tangled! 1) One of my favourite Disney films, if I’m honest. 2) The sassiest sidekick that isn’t a horse! And 3) I’m a chameleon, I can change what colour I am, how cool is that?!

Conclusion of this blog post? 

I am simultaneously a chick, a duck and a chameleon, I hang out with Kanye’s crew waiting patiently to meet 5 Seconds of Summer! Sounds like a good day to me!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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