Page 65 of 365: Feeling Fabulous


Why hello there!

As I said in this blog post about my Bouncy Castle Birthday Party back in September; I turned 18 last year. As I’m still in school, this consequently means that I’m going through a year of 18th birthday parties whilst already being 18 – I’m in the position where I can drink at all the parties.

It’s fabulous!

But next week is the start of a lot of my closest friends turning 18 – March is the busiest month, with four of my friends including my best friend turning 18. But parties means outfits (as I mentioned in this post about dresses, none of which I ended up buying!) and this party, I’ve gone all out.

I’ve bought this beautiful dress from H&M – a dress too beautiful to disclose before it arrives, I will probably write a whole post about it to be honest – and it’s only fitting that a beautiful dress deserves beautiful shoes.

This is where the title comes into relevance (it’s like I planned it) – today, the beautiful shoes arrived. Five inch heels, black suede, small platform – making a tall girl a giant with fabulously (falsely) toned legs and a sense of confidence she never really had before.

I feel amazing in these shoes – it’s silly, because they’re just something to make me pretend I’m taller than I am and stop my feet from getting wet – but I feel important, like I can command a room and leave lipstick marks wherever I go. This is the impression I want to leave and if I do say so myself I am very excited for next week’s party.

In conclusion, I suggest if there’s an item of clothing that makes you feel like a Queen then buy it – that self-confidence is worth more than any value of money.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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