Page 338 of 365: Meet Lucas, my boyfriend



Today has been a very long day, I’m still feeling ill and I’m definitely not feeling inspired to blog right now, but a few people over my tumblr, YouTube and real life have asked about Lucas and how we got together so I thought I’d write about it!

Lucas and I technically met over a Facebook group – when we got assigned to our halls before moving into university, we were given a link to a Facebook group for our building and given a chance to find other people that would be in our flat and get to know them a little before we moved in.

So a few of us in first floor red kitchen found each other and made a group chat. I kept very quiet in this group chat because I was terrified no one was going to like me because I didn’t want to go to parties or clubs. Lucas says he noticed that I wasn’t talking and went out of his way to talk to me and get to know me. We clicked pretty instantly over a love of Doctor Who and Fall Out Boy and we talked for about two weeks before we met each other on move in day.

On that day, we arrived at the same time so we saw each other moving in but obviously we were both a bit busy to really say hi properly! We messaged each other about going to explore the new city we’d just moved in to, we watched Doctor Who together that night and then got fish and chips for dinner.

The next three weeks we were pretty much inseparable – we weren’t in uni all that much and every moment we were in halls or going in to town we were together and at three weeks I started to get very confused. At that point I had it in my head that I couldn’t get with anyone in my kitchen because it would be too awkward if we broke up so Lucas and I sat down in the kitchen at 10pm one night and had a deep chat about what we wanted and who we wanted and I cried a lot. It wasn’t good.

From there we went back to being the best friends we’d been up to that point – everything was chill, everything was great.

Then I got some really bad family news and I was an emotional wreck – Lucas was perfect, he stayed with me all day, he looked after me and made sure I knew everything was going to be okay but that news sent me into what was going to be a pretty bleak week.

So by Thursday I was in a really bad place emotionally. Lucas didn’t want to leave me on my own because god knows I would have done something really stupid so I stayed in his room all night – neither of us could sleep and I had the desperate urge to kiss him. I could feel this urge in my chest and I was so desperate to kiss him.

So around 5am I (literally) said ‘fuck it’ (sorry nan) and kissed him. Uni the next day was not fun (I couldn’t keep myself awake) but when we were both back for the night we talked about it and decided to give the whole relationship thing ago and I can say I’ve never trusted anyone so much in my life.

A couple of people have told me we’re going too fast but, to be honest, because we were so close before we got together, it doesn’t feel like it’s only been a month that we’re together. You’d never think it was just a month from the amount I’ve talked about him but we’ve only been together for a month.

The last story I’ll tell is when he asked me out ‘officially’ officially – we were back at home for the weekend, I was showing him around my lovely little home town and we were at the Christmas light switch on in the town centre. We thought it was snowing but it turned out that it was fake snow that was being blown all over the town but the insane wind that was threatening to actually blow me away.

So i’m in my home town, with this man that I’ve fallen hard and fast for, we think it’s snowing and I’m in his arms and he asks me if I’ll do him the honour of being his girlfriend and it couldn’t have been more perfect – I almost cried, there were legitimate tears in my eyes.

I don’t like saying it because it makes me go all mushy and I’m sentimental enough as it is so no one needs me being more sentimental, but I genuinely couldn’t be happier to have Lucas in my life right now – I’ve never had anyone care for me as much as he does, I’ve never had a best friend that I get on so well with and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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