Page 337 of 365: Nickelodeon Nostalgia



Today was going to be a pretty rubbish day – I woke up feeling really sick and I missed my first day of uni so far and Lucas was going to make me go to the doctors but I perked up a little, managed to get a little bit of assignment work done and then dozed off again.

I then occupied myself in making pasta bake for dinner (which was the best one I’ve made so far, just saying) then Nikki bought some cookie mixture that we made and then Lucas and I made rocky road.

After we’d finished baking (about 10.30pm) we came back to my room to play MarioKart and started listening to ‘Make It Shine’, the Nickelodeon show ‘Victorious’ theme tune. 

We both knew it word for word.

Then we started listening to the cross over song iCarly and Victorious did and we both lost our minds a little bit about how good it was and how much we loved those shows when we were younger. I say younger – we want to binge watch iCarly and Victorious and freak out over all these actors that we love (oh my god Nathan Kress got married and the iCarly cast reunited and Victoria Justice is my idol I adore her).

I love feeling nostalgic – I love looking back at good memories and old photos and feeling these feelings all over again my little heart swells up at how much I used to love these shows. I get particularly nostalgic about shows I used to write fanfiction about but that’s beyond the point.

I forgot how good these shows were and how much I loved them until Lucas started singing Make It Shine. Let’s just say a little nostalgia (a lot of nostalgia) has made me feel a lot better – won’t be missing uni tomorrow!

Thank you for watching,

Sophie xx

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