Page 235 of 365: One Direction ‘hiatus’



(Yes, I am putting off writing about my Ecuador expedition – I miss the trip a lot and I think writing about it will make it worse, so I’m just waiting until it feels right – sorry)

Today is was announced that One Direction are scheduled to take a year long hiatus beginning in March of 2016. After losing fifth member Zayn Malik earlier in the year, talk of the band splitting completely has been frequent.

Does that sound too formal? Sometimes I go into journalist mode when I get all factual but it’s less fun.

It’s been said that they’re not going to tour after the release of their fifth studio album. After the foreshadowing of their fourth studio album ‘Four’ (which soon became the number of members in the band), they might be more conscious about naming the fifth album. Maybe ‘Freedom’ or ‘Happy’, because I don’t think that band have felt free or happy for a while.

It didn’t even take the announcement of a split for people to start speculating what each member would do – Liam Payne is said to be interested in producing and DJing, alongside writing for other artists and Louis Tomlinson (alongside raising a child, apparently) is rumoured to be learning about the business side of the music industry. Harry Styles has sparked interest from Hollywood – all I will say is any director interested in hiring the 21 year old should maybe watch the episode of Nickelodeon show ‘iCarly’ that the band appeared on… just to give themselves an idea of Harry’s acting ability (or lack thereof). My sister and I predict that Niall Horan will try to join 5 Seconds of Summer by screaming ‘I wanna be in the tribe’ (reference to this keek that everyone should watch).

I’m desperately trying not to be shady, I really like One Direction, but this whole split has been a long time coming and personally, for the sake of the band, I kind of hope they don’t get back together because they’ve been in the limelight for so long. They did the latter part of their growing up in the public eye and I think they deserve some privacy after five long years of being stalked and harassed.

To my understanding (as an old fan, observer, not someone who knows them personally), they’re a good bunch of guys that have had a lot to deal with. I think there’s such a thing as too many fans and too much publicity. If I were part of One Direction’s management I’d give them a few years off and suggest a regeneration, maybe. But if they’ve found other paths that they prefer – if they’re happier, leave them be.

I’m quite passionate about celebrities being treated like people and not robots for the consumption of the general public.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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