Page 236 of 365: ‘Adventurous’ Holiday Family



Yes, I almost forgot to write this post. Props goes to my mum for reminding me.

As I mentioned when complaining about travelling for 9 hours a couple of days ago (shameless self promo yes please), I’m in Newquay on a family holiday at the moment.

When people say they’re going on holiday to Newquay or Cornwall, one may think that they were going surfing at the beach or to do lots of cultural activities…

But it was raining for most of today so most of my family have in fact not left the house we’re staying in this week. My dad did leave the house, to go to Morrisons to buy more food that we don’t need.

Normally we’re slightly more cultural than this but we’re not the types that like active holidays – we’ve never been on skiing holidays or camping, we went on a ‘walking’ holiday to the Lake District once but we did one walk around a lake and spent the rest of the holiday trying to make the WiFi in the hotel work.

We’re very busy people normally, I guess – my mum works really hard and last term at school I worked really hard (otherwise I would not be going to university) so we like to relax and really chill out on holidays.

I feel like I’m making excuses. I do actually quite like exercise – I climbed a mountain in Ecuador at 3800m and I’m hoping to take up running again when we get home from holiday next week. Who am I kidding – I probably won’t start running.

Maybe I will at uni?

Probably not.

In conclusion: we’re a very lazy family and I’m trying desperately to justify it but go on, judge us – we’re lazy and we quite enjoy it! We also could start a four person garlic bread fan club. I am somewhat proud of this fact.

So I’ve been sat on the sofa for approximately twelve hours now, tomorrow we’re going to the Eden Project and I’ll take my camera so photography post tomorrow!

I will start blogging about Ecuador eventually, I promise!

Thank you for reading (sorry this is so uninspired),

Sophie xx

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