Page 231 of 365: A Summary of Camp Ecuador



It only took me 15 hours, but I edited together the montage video of all the 6 second clips I took in Ecuador.

To give you a frame of reference, I generally just took snapshots of what we were doing with the occasional longer video and it totalled at 43 minutes worth of footage. For a whole month of filming, that’s pretty good, for a collection of 6 second clips, that’s a lot.

The video isn’t going to go live until tomorrow because whilst I’m still trying to upload two videos a week, I put up my Summer in the City vlog on Monday so I’m spacing out my uploads a bit. I haven’t thought about a video for Sunday yet, though it’ll probably be something to do with Ecuador. I have many stories to tell.

So I uploaded a great little montage video from Ecuador as unlisted last night (meaning you have to have the link to watch it, the link is here – perks of reading my blog) and it made me really happy to edit and I’ve watched it through about five times just today.

But what is going to make this post a little bit different from that video is that I’m going to tell you about my favourite clip from the video. I’ve even used a questionable website to make an awful gif, look!

This is a clip of three of my closest friends from the trip. Some of the locals from the community had come up to camp to sing and dance around the fire and they then moved to a different fire and a bunch of us stayed around the first fire and they just started dancing and it was silly and it made me laugh and I literally cannot stop myself from smiling every time I see it.

I love memories like this because I can remember them laughing and whilst I love that I filmed it I also have the memories and I can close my eyes and remember that when I put the camera down they all stopped dancing and I started and I made them all dance with me because I’m needy and need affirmation at all times and apparently that includes when I’m dancing like a weirdo round a fire.

I’m getting all happy and mushy just thinking about it.

I’m also getting emotional and nostalgic because I really miss these people but I’ve not really talked to them in the week I’ve been home and I’ve not actually told any of them I miss them. Let’s hope none of them read this. (but also hopefully yes, we need a six person meet up preferably with hugs).

And that’s my ‘summary’ of Ecuador – a video and a nostalgic rant. I’m not quite back into the swing of blogging yet but I’m working on it, every day, because I took on a huge project that means I have to blog every day because I’m too stubborn to give up. 

If there’s anything else you’d like to hear about Ecuador, I’m going to start writing my journal updates soon – I don’t want to spam you with Ecuador stuff but I think I’m going to do a photography post tomorrow, or perhaps an England Appreciation post because inevitably there were many things throughout the trips that we all missed from home. So yeah, let me know which of those things you’d like to read about first! Or if you’d like me to shut up about Ecuador and go back to making posts about trivial things, I like those posts too.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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