Page 232 of 365: Ecuador Journal



This blog is the closest thing I have to keeping a serious diary or a journal since I was in primary school – I tried keeping diaries but I just got behind and it just turned into me ranting about everything because I was an angsty teenager, but when I went to Tanzania in 2013 I kept a journal (that I never finished) and I did the same thing in Ecuador.

It was just a recall of what we did each day and how was feeling and memories that meant a lot to me that might not have stood out to other people, like when I shared my iPod with a close friend on a bus journey and we sang along to Nicki Minaj. It’s not a big thing that happened but it made me happy – I don’t even like Nicki Minaj. My mum wanted to read my journal too.

But I didn’t finish it – the last entry I started was day 26 and the day we landed back in Heathrow was day 30. I did exactly the same thing with Tanzania – there are two days at the end of the trip that I never wrote up and I thought I’d always remember them but it’s fuzzy now and I’m not going to remember it.

With that in mind, I really want to finish my Ecuador one for that reason – so I don’t forget it but I really can’t bring myself to do it for the exact same reason I never finished the Tanzania one.

If I finish writing the journal it means the trip is really over – it means I really came home and the adventure has drawn it’s conclusion and the people I lived with for a month are further and further away from who I am now. Even though it was only a week I feel like it was years ago. Going from living with someone to basically no contact is really hard – I do miss that group a lot.

God, I’m a mushy so and so aren’t I? Every post since I got back has just been ‘I miss Ecuador’ and I do. If I’m ever a successful author I’m going to learn Spanish and move to the Galapagos because it’s so beautiful and so inspirational and so pretty and sunny, I want to live there.

Maybe I just miss the tortoises. (I’m joking I miss the expedition group more than the tortoises)

And that is basically my excuse as to why I haven’t started my journal updates post. I am going to start writing up my journal now – I’m doing it on Word and printing it out so I can do it quicker. It’ll bring back feelings and it’ll really ‘end’ the trip but I’ll do it, just for you blogger. (and for my future self who doesn’t want to forget the iPod sharing).

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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