Page 147 of 365: Blue Door (creative writing)



I’ve had a really busy revising day with tutoring and starting to really panic about my remaining exams so I’m absolutely exhausted and don’t want to blog about something as miserable as facing anxiety and exams.

A few days ago, my mum found an old piece of writing I did called ‘Familiar Rendered Unfamiliar’ – when I had to do creative writing for my English Literature coursework last year, we were given a title and had to write a short story. I don’t know why the paper with my 300-word story was still in my mum’s office over a year later but she made a point of saying that it would make a good blog post.

I’m really fond of this one, I hope you like it.

The front door was blue. I don’t remember why, I just returned home from school one day and it had been painted. I asked my Dad why it was a different colour and he just shrugged; I never thought to question it. The front hall had a dresser on the right hand side, always laden with keys, leaflets and post. On the left there were supposed to be four boxes, for all of our shoes to remain separate but they always ended up in a vague pile or by the back door caked in mud waiting to be washed. There were two doors leading off from the hall – one to the bright open plan kitchen and one to the living room with its soft pastel shades and all the family pictures in frames and albums.

Upstairs there were 4 bedrooms (one with an en suite) and a family bathroom for my brother and me. We had a bedroom each and shared the bathroom while my parents got the en suite. The last room was supposed to be a spare room but it always ended up being a pile of things my brother and I had grown out of but mum was too sentimental to keep.

The Room of Stuff doesn’t exist anymore. Neither does the soft pastel living room nor the bright open plan kitchen. Even the vague pile of shoes has been tidied.

This house is no longer a home.

Now the front door is white. The hall has linoleum floor that squeaks when you walk in with wet shoes. The kitchen is modern and clean with no room for memories while the living room sofa doesn’t even have cushions. The master bedroom is now blue, there’s an office, a storage room lined with bookshelves and a neat, well-kept spare bedroom.

My childhood home has gone.

Please give me some feed back in the comments! Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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