Page 146 of 365: Late Night Revision



Today I greet you from 10.59pm having just finished my revision for the day. I felt really ill this afternoon and had a nap instead of forcing myself through writing out Lit quotes to learn and then put the Pitch Perfect soundtracks on my iPod.

I started working about half past 5, had a break for dinner and then watched the live Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final whilst writing out quotes onto stickers that I’m going to stick on coloured paper and stick around my house.

Hashtag revision tips with Sophie. That’s relatable right? Hashtag down with the hashtag kids lol.

I’m so tired, the sarcasm is unstoppable.

But it was productive – I’d written out quotes from King Lear (gotta love some Shakespeare), Oedipus the King (Sophocles is like the Ancient Greek version of me) and William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, alongside criticism for all of these works. I’ve written over a hundred quotes out today and I have to learn them all by June 11th.

Worryingly, my association with that date is ‘I’ll have seen 5SOS by then and I’m going to be heavily into post gig depression’. That’s not what my association with that date should be.

It should be that it marks the date of my 5th exam and it’ll be 8 days before my last exam, 9 days before I see Sprinkle of Glitter’s show LouiseLIVE in London, 11 days before I meet my American friend in person, 16 days before my prom.

Not that I’m counting down to a bunch of events or anything. I have a countdown app on my phone.

Thank you for reading, even if this post is a bit of a filler,

Sophie xx

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