Page 103 of 365: Revision Pays Off



I know, I know – you’ve heard it all before, right? ‘Revise and it’ll be worth it in the end’ – you’re probably sick of hearing it but with 5 weeks till my first exam, I’m starting to believe it.

I’ve been revising for a few weeks now, making notes and trying to remember quotes and terminology and doing past papers in maths. Today was the first one I actually did okay on – I got a C and that’s what I need to get into uni and it’s the first okay grade I’ve got in maths for the best part of a year.

This feeling, right now, knowing that the work is paying off and I might actually get what I need at the end of the year is so reassuring – I would have thought a more positive words would suit the feeling but it is reassuring. It’s reassuring that I’m good enough to get where I want to be and that sounds so melodramatic and cliched but it’s so true? 

Until A Levels I’d got through school without working too hard to be honest – I was clever, I did well and I understood without having to put too much effort in but A Levels are a different story entirely; they’re hard and you need to be proper, proper clever to just get it. It’s taken me the best part of two years to come to terms with that and actually figure out how to revise.

But it’s working! It’s working and maybe I actually will get the grades in August. I’ll let you know, that will be my first blog post after I get back from my month long trip to Ecuador.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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