Page 102 of 365: 10 Signs You Watch Too Much YouTube


Well hello there!

When looking for inspiration for blog posts, sometimes I look at my YouTube subscriptions and see what people are talking or vlogging about. At the top of my subscription feed is Hazel Hayes’ ’10 Signs You Watch Too Much Game of Thrones’ and I’m yet to watch this video and I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but I thought a YouTube equivalent would be funny.

1. You think ‘I wish I’d got that on camera’ far too often
You’ve seen all the best daily vlogs and you know what makes for entertaining content. Your friend falling off her chair is that entertaining content.

2. You make references no one understands
You start talking about Becoming YouTube and PointlessBlog and kickthepj and no one gets it. Usernames are a weird collection of words.

3. You refer to the people you follow as ‘your friends’ to save explaining
You could say ‘this person I follow on YouTube made a video about’ but it’s a lot less hassle to say ‘I was talking to my friend’. 

4. You use YouTube as an incentive to get things done
‘If I finish this essay I can watch everything in my subscription feed’. It’s more motivational if there’s a video you’re excited about or if you’re a bit behind and want to catch up.

5. You use YouTube as a reason to not get things done
‘I could write that essay but I have three Sacconejoly’s vlogs and a SprinkleofGlitter video to watch’. 5 is much more likely than 4.

6. You’re surprised when people don’t understand what ‘VidCon’ means
Vid-Con… Video convention… YouTube convention – simple! Summer in the City you might forgive but it sounds so exciting, you don’t understand why they’re looking at you weird.

7. You’re bored of explaining what ‘vlog’ means
Video blog – how come ‘lol’ is part of the English language but ‘vlog’ hasn’t been universally recognised yet?!

8. You’re more familiar the internet slang than your biology terminology
Not exclusively biology – any science, math, English, history, geography, any relevant terminology is less relevant than knowing what ‘ygm’ and ‘af’ mean.

9. You use YouTube to get you through day-to-day life
Fancy a bit of internet shopping? Watch a Zoella haul or a SprinkleofGlitter look book. Want to revise or learn something? John and Hank Green (the vlogbrothers) present SciShow! New music or acoustic ukulele covers? What’s doddleoddle or ItsWayPastMyBedtime posted recently? Everything is on YouTube.

10. You have a stock answer for ‘but what do they do on YouTube?’
‘They talk to a camera about things that are important to them, things they’re doing, funny things, some people write scripts and make films and some go into things like Radio DJ-ing, it’s a great platform’ is much less creepy ‘I watch this family and their children are adorable’.

I admit, this took my longer than I anticipated but I clicked onto my subscription feed at least twice to procrastinate. I think I spend more time watching or making content for YouTube than anything else, well, except blogging that is.

Tell me about your favourite YouTubers in the comments! I’m always looking for new people to subscribe to!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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