Page 53 of 365: Inspiration



I knew when I started this blogging project that it was going to be difficult – making a YouTube video a week is difficult enough but finding the inspiration to write a blog post every single day? It is tough – I’m not here to say I’ve reached day 53 and every day I’ve sat down and the words have flown from my fingertips.

Finding inspiration and a subject to write about is really hard because I want it to be interesting and varied and something that people want to read but sometimes I just have nothing to talk about. That’s what inspired this post, to be honest.

Inspiration is hard – personally, I look at what people are making YouTube videos about and the articles written on websites I like if I’ve not found immediately inspiration from something I’ve done in my day. If I feel like doing a bit of creative writing I have to search around for something to inspire that too.

Outside of blogging, inspiration to carry on with school is something I struggle with. I hate school – I won’t sugar coat it. 14 years is a long time, 7 years in the same environment, at least 2 years with the same people, only 3 subjects – it’s tough, a lot of people really struggle with school at this point and I totally understand why.

Finding inspiration to keep working and get the grades I deserve (even if they’re not the sparkling A*s my school are obsessed with) is tough – I have inspiration to take photos and write books and make YouTube videos and I want to go on adventures and to concerts so I can blog about them. 

I can’t turn that into a future until I finish school.

My mum sat me down to help me with something today. I know she reads all my blog posts and she likes it when I talk fondly about my family so it’s about time I talk fondly about her (she’s sat across the room as I write this). We sorted what we were writing and she started talking about how strong I was to inflate my ego a little bit, telling me about how capable I was and how I would be disappointed if I didn’t pass my exams this summer. She said I was strong enough to handle a slap to kick my ass into gear.

In her words – I’m a SCIM; a strong, confident, independent mother-fudger.

Fudger is definitely the word we used. 

Either way, my mum inspires me a lot. She gave me the appropriate kick up the backside to make me work on my English Literature essay.

That, and if I get the three C grades I need, I never have to be in a school like environment again. Now that’s inspiration.

Have you got anything that inspires you? A parent or a job or university? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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