Page 54 of 365: The Impact of School



I am currently in the process of wrapping up an essay that is just under 4000 words in total and is worth about 20% of my English Literature A Level, which doesn’t sound like a lot but can actually be a whole grade difference, so writing this I feel somewhat guilty that I’m not focusing on it.

I could make this post about deadlines and being prompt and not procrastinating but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing – pressure can sometimes help create some of the best work and I know personally I work a lot harder when I know I have an immediate deadline.

I don’t know why, because to be honest it stresses me out and means I end up staying up fairly late to finish important work but I always end up feeling if you’re not working up until the last minute, you’re not making it the best it can be.

So I’m not going to talk about deadlines or procrastinating or self-prescribed pressure, instead I’m going to talk about how I actually find writing English essays really interesting.

Since school started forcing me to read I’ve not enjoyed reading – I used to be that kid with her nose in a book at every instance but now reading makes me tired and I don’t want to do it because of all the forced reading I get from school. For this essay I’ve had to read Atonement by Ian McEwan, a selection of poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller.

I did not enjoy any of them.

But exploring them and the significance of certain features I find really interesting and I’ve noticed that this is something I employ on my blog – I quite often find myself making arguments, making points for and against and extrapolating details (such as lyrics in songs) to place emphasis on my argument.

My conclusion? School may just have a bigger impact on you thank you think. Even if you will never use a mathematical quadratic formula. Ever.

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