Page 2 of 365: Bands


Why hello there!

Day 2 and I’m already not too sure what to blog about so I’ll talk about something I know a lot about: bands.

Music has always been a part of my life – I grew up with what my mum and dad listened to and now I can listen to just about anything. I can be in the mood for all kinds of music – classical, pop, rock, punk, dubstep, electric, indie – the only thing I don’t like is heavy meal/screamo. I just can’t get it but music is a personal thing and that’s one of my favourite things about it.

Music means so much to me – I don’t go a day without listening to it, I wish I had more money to devote to it and I wish I could listen to new music everyday. I cannot find the words to describe my dedication to music.

I love playing it too – I played flute when I was 10, piano on and off, saxophone for six and a half years, traditional recorder in primary school, I started teaching myself guitar in the summer, I sing a lot – I love finding new things about music, I want to explore writing music but the only song I’ve written was trying to convince my sister to lend me her beanie (which worked, just saying). You can listen to ‘A Song About A Beanie‘ if you like!

As I’ve got older I’ve refined what I can call my ‘favourite’ music a lot – I like bands that play their own instruments and write their own songs, primarily male bands. Not boy bands – boy bands are bands full of boys that sing and don’t play their own instruments and are less likely to write their own songs, like One Direction and Take That. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – I like One Direction a lot, I went to their ‘Take Me Home’ tour twice and that’s where I found my second favourite band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Anyone that knows me will question whether 5 Seconds of Summer are my second favourite band or my life obsession so I’ll define – All Time Low are my favourite band, I can listen to their music all day long, I know almost every word, I’ve been to see them tour 4 years in a row and I’m going to watch them record their next DVD at Wembley stadium.

5 Seconds of Summer are my biggest ‘obsession’ – I love them a lot, I’m more invested in them as people, I love how dorky and childish they are and I relate to them more because they’re my age and they’re the first band my age I’ve liked before (closely followed by The Vamps). I can’t explain what I like about 5 Seconds of Summer but I care about them a lot and they care about their fans a lot which is really important. But there’s something about All Time Low that I just can’t not give them the title of my favourite band.

I love music, I hope to work on a band’s production tour team at some point in my life because I want to see the world and I want to stand backstage and watch a band I love perform every night. I’d take all the late nights and living in a bus – concerts and theatres are my favourite places in the whole world.

If you want to know more about the bands I like or the concerts I’ve been to leave a comment! Tell me your favourite bands and any bands you think I should listen to!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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One thought on “Page 2 of 365: Bands

  1. I absolutely loved this blog post. Bands are my favourite thing in the world, even at almost 23! It was really enjoyable to read and I completely understand how you feel about bands! 🙂

    Rebecca xx


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