Page 3 of 365: Holiday Homework


As a student, I obviously have an immediate detest for homework. I don’t if I’m honest – I completely understand why homework is a thing.

What I detest is homework set during the holidays. Before I broke up for Christmas, my teachers told me to have a ‘proper rest’ and to ‘really enjoy Christmas’ – neither of these things can really happen when homework is a thing that exists. 

Most of my homework, especially when it was set over the summer holiday, was set because the course is too big for my teachers to teach it all in one go and we have to teach ourselves. That’s not how being a student works? A solution would be to make the course shorter, surely? A Levels are really hard, okay, and I don’t understand maths as it is, but having to teach myself and further confuse my poor little eighteen year old brain really isn’t helping anything. 

Especially over the Christmas holidays – there’s so many family events and official holidays that actually having time to do homework comes in the last three days before going back to school which is not enough time to draft a 3000 words essay, plan another 3000 word essay amid revising for mock exams in a couple of weeks.

It stresses me out, I can feel my heart beating hard in my chest just thinking about it.

All this school work leaves me no time to do anything I enjoy – if I had my way I wouldn’t feel apprehensive about this blogging project, I would have way more time to dedicate to what I love in creative writing and making YouTube videos but I just never stop trying to do school work.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think students should be set homework for the holidays? Do you think students are worked too hard? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading! 

Sophie xx

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