Third (half day) at Channel 4



Today wasn’t as good a day as the previous two days have been – it was nothing to do with the work I was doing or Channel 4, it’s just my body has decided to cripple under the stress. Let’s start at the beginning.

Today was more of a struggle to get up – I wasn’t late or anything but I definitely fell asleep for another five minutes! But I did get out of bed, curl my hair, do my make-up (which I was really pleased with actually) and managed to sit on my bed again to go online and get pre-sale tickets to see Bry (YouTube musician, look him up he’s fab!) in Southampton in April which will be really fun. He performed at Summer in the City last August and I can’t wait to see him live again!

So that started the day pretty well – I went into the office, said hello, chatted to the guy who’s kind of mentoring me while I’m here and then got back to work on my shorts ideas. I watched a few more bits on All4 whilst I was writing up ideas in my notebook and I feel like I could actually present a really good pitch tomorrow, hoping nerves don’t get the better than me.

But then my body got the better of me – my stomach and back started aching in a way that any way I sat was uncomfortable and I was trying not to cry, I felt weak, I felt light headed, I felt sick, I was hot, I was cold – my body went through a rollercoaster and then I had to continue feeling this way in a meeting for an hour.

I made it through the meeting and then revealed that I really wasn’t feeling well and everyone was so nice and chilled out about it – I grabbed some food from the Channel 4 canteen (because I had a voucher so why would I spend real money, y’know?) then went back to the hotel.

Then I found the cleaner was still in my room and she wanted to hoover and I asked if I could just sit in here because I had nowhere else to go but I knew she didn’t understand me but I was waiting for her to come back and hoover and she didn’t and it was all very stressful.

I managed to eat lunch and then napped for a couple of hours before just nipping to Sainsburys to get a sandwich for dinner and some painkillers. I’m now back at the hotel having just eaten and I am feeling a bit better – my stomach and back still ache but I don’t feel as violently ill as I did earlier. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back in tomorrow because I’ve only got three days of work experience and I really don’t want to waste them!

Obviously I’m feeling a little down about today – this is such an amazing opportunity and I feel I should have powered through and made the most of it but realistically I couldn’t, I’d only have felt worse because of it and considering the next four days are going to be as long as the last three, I have to pace myself a little bit.

Disappointed, but trying to be optimistic that tomorrow will be better!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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